The Production of Globalization Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-03
The Production of Globalization Essay Sample
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State techniques and politics are the two most important elements in realizing globalization. The combined working of these two elements is critically essential without separating the two in global advancement as this results in an incomplete picture of the tools that drive economies and technology, even though the tendency to do this is generally widespread in history. The essence of this combination is that while the politics drive realization, it is the development of new techniques that truly reflect globalization, marked by among all else the emergence of global markets. The political use of the available and the developed techniques, however, determine the nature of globalization that will be attained, whether a pervasive kind characterized by overexploitation of resources and labour or a progressive kind (Levitt, 13). However, to understand this concept better, one has to look at the basic factors that make up its architecture including the unicity of techniques, the convergence of moments, knowledge of the planet and the globalized surplus value. These were the main focus of the study their interrelationships are discussed in the exercise.

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The techniques that drive globalization to exist as a family that must support each other and works in tandem to be efficiency. The specific techniques vary widely depending on the specific element under scrutiny and each with its own importance. The techniques of information, for example, allow for the exchange of knowledge through different means available. However, the usability and importance of this information are subject to the time in which they are received and communicated. For simultaneity of actions in the entire process and system, a convergence has to occur with the other techniques and at the right time for its influence to be spread over the areas not directly involved in its development. It is here that the convergence of moments and unicity in the techniques play their greatest part, as their uniformity in working enable simultaneous adoption of new ideas and products in other parts of the world, therefore opening up new markets (Santos, 20). The implication of this phenomena is that as new techniques emerge, the technical unicity and convergence of moments enabled through communication enable its spread and opening up of new markets on a global scale.

In addition to the above, the modern day has evolved into a single global village where surplus value can be realized more easily than it could in the imperial times. As a result of the homogeneity, competition on the global stage has resulted in markets moving as a single motor. This allows for more scientific and technical progress, enabled by the technical unicity and convergence of moments. Furthermore, the knowability of the planet that exists today, having been brought about by the progress in technology and science techniques serves to accelerate the progress and spread of globalization. Humans today possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the planet that they can easily manage their resources and develop their race in a more controlled and guided manner, utilizing the resources they can for maximum value. With the combination of these four components, globalization is made possible for companies, provided the sequence is driven in a manner that allows a simultaneous adoption of the product a company wishes to introduce and which provides value for the market of the time (Santos, 23).

The sequence of events and conditions that allow for globalization as discussed above are possible with the working together of the four factors taken into consideration. However, other conditions have to be taken into consideration when considering the possibility of going global by a company for example. Some of the limiting factors include the cost of implementation of ideas and strategies by a company for example. Human factors such as preferences and the will of the subjects to adopt the product or service being offered by the company wishing to go global. In addition to this, there is also the issue of co-operation and hostilities amongst the nations of the globe, prompted by differences in policies, traditions and cultural differences that may severely hamper globalization (Williamson, 64). It is, therefore, possible that even with all the four elements working perfectly in tandem, globalization could still be hard to achieve.

In the study, we have discussed the four main elements that drive globalization and how they are working together enable globalization to be achieved, driven by both politics and techniques. It is no secret that the world has evolved today and jumped greater leaps than had ever been possible before. The manner in which these aspects are applied however take the center stage in determining how the goals of globalization and its source could go. However, we have also seen some of the limitations that may deter the attainment of globalization in any aspect whether in business or other fields of existence, technology, and sciences for example. It would, therefore, come as no surprise that even with all the element s working together, globalization fails to occur.

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