Essay Sample on Birth Contol Pills

Published: 2019-09-05
Essay Sample on Birth Contol Pills
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Birth control methods can be defined as precautions taken as a way of preventing pregnancy, which are mostly deemed unwanted. Fertility control and contraception are also used to describe the same. There are a variety of different forms of birth control including pills, condoms, tubal ligation, vasectrimy which all serve the same purpose. Birth control measures have been used for thousands of years after discovery, though, facing a number of challenges. Although these measures are put place to ensure planned parenthood, they face a lot of critics and controversy in some societies while others have embraced them. It is important to note that there are many both safe and effective forms of birth control measures (Serena 35). Finding a right method that suits a specific and personal need is key when using birth control measures.

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Additionally, understanding both advantages and demerits that come with using contraceptives is important. There is no innovation that has no flipside; but several extra health benefits have been linked to using birth control methods in addition to preventing pregnancies. Reducing the risk of developing ovarian cysts, regulation of mental cycle, reducing of cramps associated with menstruation and decreased chances of suffering from iron deficiency are but some of the significant benefits derived from using contraceptives. Birth control pills have the ability to significantly influence hormonal levels in the body of a woman. The fluctuation is responsible for a balance that play an essential role in fertility. The risks and disadvantages associated with these pills cannot be simply ignored although some of them tend to be uncommon but to a great extent life threatening.

One of the most rampant and common side effects is weight gain. A significant percentage of women who use these pills have complained about weight gain or suffer from obesity. Depression and irritability are quite common among a great population, headaches, spotting and blood clots has been reported among ladies using pills. These pill users are at risk of suffering a stroke as compared to women who do not use birth control pills. The chances of heart attacks for women who use both the pills and a smoker increases especially for those above a certain age group. These drugs are therefore are not advocated for them. All in all it, could be argued that the benefits that come with the use of pills are enormous. Credit should be given to this scientific innovation that has helped and improved lives of individuals and the society at large.

The pill has totally revolutionized many aspects of our lives since its introduction about a decade ago. It is responsible for the transformation of how the society perceives reproductive health and awareness in the 21st century. The impact of the pill is considered radical, acting as an equalizer and liberator to women of child bearing age. For the first time in history, a woman could choose to control on when to give birth, although this was not well received with critics warning rising and spawning of generations of immoral women who would be loose (McLaren 67). In distinct contrast women of today have turned to be empowered and well equipped with vital information about reproduction. It is also quite impressive how each generation is advancing in terms of making rational decisions about their lives. Women today can comfortably advance their careers or rather follow career paths that demand upfront time and dedication. This has been made possible by enabling them to make decision on their readiness to become parents.

Research has proven that many women cannot imagine their lives if they had not been able to control their fertility. Today, chances of combining motherhood and scholarly career are not as odd compared to decade ago. Most women have described the innovation of the pill as a major event of the century giving credit to its ability to separate sex, procreation ad marriage. The pill has had a large impact on lives and economies globally. The ability to keep growth of a population in check has increased the effectiveness of governments to provide amenities and resources to their citizens without struggle. Moreover the pill demonstrates a direct link between decreased fertility responsible for availability of labour. Although this could viewed as negative due to a flooded workforce (Engelman 84).

According to Lapores theory, she analyses and concludes technology to be disruptive if it brings about change (Corson 46). The innovation in question should be able to and meant to serve as a link between the past and what is currently happening. In this context the introduction of pills has been a strong element of change, linking both historic and current affairs and having a great impact on both timings. In relation to this theories, the elaboration of importance of an innovations ability to influence the future is explained. Scientific technology is expected to bring progress to the people who use it by having quantifiable benefits. Similar to this context, birth control pills have had a huge impact as a scientific innovation.

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