Report Planning for Walmart Company, Free Paper Sample for Students

Published: 2022-03-31
Report Planning for Walmart Company, Free Paper Sample for Students
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For this paper, I will be formulating a plan of a business report for Walmart Company; it is an international retail company that works on a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and departmental stores. Its headquarters are in the United States though operating in more than twenty-eight companies under different names. In particular, it is the company that collects the most substantial revenue in the world. The company has been sustaining an immense growth rate for the last fifty years and has attained to be the biggest grocery store globally.

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Concerning the case, there must be some factors at Walmart enhancing growth while others are some drawbacks to keep fighting. Apparently, the elements are of both the macro and the microenvironments. The macro environment that affects the business and that they are due to face in the future is determinant to what path the company will follow. The problem lies in that the industry cannot control them when they are external.

By and large, the macro factors have primarily to do with the political decisions. Since Walmart has locations in different countries, it might face difficulties when governments impact policies which are adverse to the retailing sector of business. The business should set itself to be flexible to handle this situation. Economic status is another factor; the financial capability of customers keeps on changing depending on the economic situation of the state. And since the case varies on different periods, they might not be able to have control over the situation. The legal status as poised by the governments, it is something that the retail market has to adapt to when they arise, for example, a government of a particular state can give standard prices for some products leading to losses. The technological state of a nation will determine how the business will get an output; the challenge is that one cannot be able to improve situations where the environment is underdeveloped.

The other factors that are due to affect the organization are the microenvironment. These are the factors that lie within the business borders. Unlike the macro environment, for this; the business management can be able to work on them and make improvements. They either improve or diminish the output and input levels of an enterprise. The factors range from the working environment to the workers themselves. The elements are as listed below.

The factors that affect the business from the inside include; the strength of the employees, the type of employees that are employed by the company will determine the form of an output that will be due for collection. If the employees available can provide some high-level production, then it will mean success for the business and the opposite is also true. The financial capability will also determine how the outputs will be; if they have enough finances to explore more areas, it will mean an improved output. Innovation levels, depending on how the business decides to either market or brand their products; it will determine how the customers will be willing to purchase them.

The accordion theory could be of impact to the organization. This theory helps business management to be able to make informed decisions from the start and in the process growth (Rafiq, 2014). It is also called the generalist-specialist tendency, which describes what it is literally. With the theory, the business has to alternate within the patterns of growth. Thus, for success, at some point, they have to specialize in the product offering. Just like Walmart at some point majored in the grocery system. At another point for the organization to earn a big market, they have to generalize and accommodate a bigger market depending on the market demand.

People will always tend to react differently to change. It will depend on the satisfaction of the customer. So, be it positive or contrary, it is essential that we make consultations. Another note is that it can be from the public that include the customers, the employees or other organizations that have been successful in the field. The process will help sustain the motivation and the output of the workers.


Rafiq, M., 2014. Principles of Retailing. Palgrave Macmillan.

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