Essay Sample with the Poem Analysis

Published: 2020-06-10
Essay Sample with the Poem Analysis
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The Poem's Ideas on Learning Methods

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The poem has a collection of ideas on how students prefer learning in the classroom. Ideally, the poem focuses on the teacher student relationship. Furthermore, the poem has based its context on the way students act and learn. The poem brings out the teachers opinion on the way students should learn contrary to the way they approach their studies. Moreover, the poem is an indication of how the teacher feels since he also passed through the school system and what he wants his students to pursue. The general idea in the poem is that the student and teacher have a definite juncture in the end, while the dialogue centers its theories to the way learning should be advocated. Finally, the poem gives the depiction of learning as time bound and its existence is concluded at the end of the term.

Word Choice in the Poem

The word choice in the poem is construed in an abstract point of view where the words are not complex and the reader easily understands the message. The author uses connotation, metaphors, and third person point of view. The use of third person point of view is fundamental in making the reader comprehend the message in a third party angle. The reader gets to picture the story and opinions in the poem without bias. Third party emphasizes the reader to contemplate what is happening in the classroom that Wayman is teaching. Generally the use of third person creates the theme of the poem and how different students view learning. The use of metaphors is instrumental in defining the theories of learning. Each theory has its own meaning and picture behind it. Wayman uses the theory to describe the students in his class. The metaphorical depiction in the theories is vital in establishing common ground with the reader. More over there is the use of motif in the poem where the reader spots the use of theory of learning severally in the poem. Connotations also make up the poem as the author uses vaccination implying pain and later one is immune, dipstick suggesting tentativeness and practicality of the students, easy listening giving a relaxed mode of learning, ad his own approach Kung Fu which is definitely pictorial since one picture discipline and rigorous work before success and mastering. The irony in the poem is conjured by the interests students have with the final grade and the exterior presence that controls the teacher and the learner by getting the final mark.


I tend to agree with Wayman's point of view as a student who applies the dipstick theory where I focus on making sure I get by fine. Furthermore, has described what happens in a classroom setup universally across the country. Waymans depictions of students are accurate and exact. In many cases, students are different in the way they acquire information. His translations give the reader a picture of the student and teacher relation. It is true to assert that the student tends to relate to the teacher when the final marks are approaching.

The Kung Fu approach to learning strikes me most as it is a whole package in the way one needs to make education a success. Discipline and hard work is important in the success of a student. The practicality of the theory is paramount as compared to the other modes of learning in a classroom environment.

Assistance of the Changes

When writing the response the draft assisted me is defining the angles of approach to the poem. As a guide, I adopted the use of simple context, direct pointed remarks, and accuracy. Secondly, I refined the initial work into a simple prose for everyone to understand. Lastly, openly stated structure was employed to make sure the subject of the response is clear.

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