Free Essay: Relationship between Situational Analysis and Action Plan in Health Care

Published: 2019-09-02 03:22:26
Free Essay: Relationship between Situational Analysis and Action Plan in Health Care
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While a situation analysis is used to analyze an organization's internal and external environment to better understand the organization's capabilities, an action plan outlines actions needed to reach the higher goals of a company.

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An organization might roll out an action plan to allocate funds to a certain project and use the situation analysis to best determine whether the opportunity presents itself well for it to benefit (Reinwand et. al., 2016). The organization might also come up with a strategy to invest in opening up new branches in which it has to come up with an action plan sufficient enough to enable it to penetrate well into the market. Although a situation analysis is used to better understand the strengths or weaknesses of a business (Campagnolo, 2013), an action plan will be used to monitor the progress and take each task step by step.

Barriers in implementation of strategies in health care

Most of the health care facilities are not easily accessible to everyone because of the high healthcare costs. As such many cannot afford it, which is why making it cheaper would enable everyone from different social classes to be able to access the health services, thus reducing the number of people looking for unsafe cheaper methods. There are also people who are not able to access health care because of their geographical location, which is far from any medical facility. In this case, opening up branches in interior rural areas will help with this barrier. There is also the overload of the workforce whereby the health care providers are not able to rest well, or even enjoy personal time, because of inadequate staff. This can be overcome by employing more personnel to meet the health care needs of the people.

How the Mid-Western Health System Realized Strategy Differed From the Intended MMG Strategy

Mid-Western Health System realized that its strategy differed from the intended MMG strategy when it adopted a unique MBS business model, which enabled it to achieve stellar results. The CEO realized that the intended strategy would not be effective as each division served unique customer groups. Since communication is important to maintain the good vibes between partners, in the case study, the leaders did not use it effectively. This is because it was always a one way communication with the leader giving expectations of what should be done. No room was given to the members to discuss and air their concerns.

How Organizational Culture Differ from Midwestern System Leadership Culture

MMG's organizational culture was designed in a way that they would seek outside specialist providers. The Mid- Western Health System, however, protested this action. This system was already used to its hospital affiliated specialists who could be able to do the same work as the outside specialist, therefore, saving on the cost. The implementation of the strategy, therefore, became impossible as they could not see eye to eye. The MMG needed to reach a wider range of its geographical area through seeking outside specialists to be able to expand to the outside community which it could not do due to the resistance of the mid-western system.

How Mid-Westerns Strategic Control Affected MMG Unit Plans

Midwestern wanted to execute changes due to MMG's continued financial losses and squabbles with Midwestern hospitals and specialists, but it deferred fearing that the decision may be premature. Meanwhile, a Midwestern competitor approached the physician leaders of one MMG clinic to expand believing that MMG was not large enough to withstand the potential competition and if they choose not to the competitor warned that they would build new clinics.


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