Essay Sample on Managers' Training

Published: 2022-03-30
Essay Sample on Managers' Training
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Thank you for your concern about the need to train managers on the millennial employee. I understand that it is for the good of the company's improvement and this has helped in the performance as seen from the previous years. The company has always recommended such training because it imparts new knowledge and sharing of ideas among the managers who in turn will share it with their employees. It is, therefore, a good idea that we have them trained. However, in references to our last year's annual general meeting a discussion on the issue of training was mentioned and it was recommended that they would be reduced to a manageable level and only those training that is crucial and needed to bring results immediately will be facilitated. It does not mean that the meetings are not necessary but the board vets the meeting requests and evaluate them to determine the agency that it deserves. In this regard, the company currently does not have sufficient funds to cater for the training. The board has sat and discussed the issue and recommended it as a good idea, but the funds are not available yet. Besides, we are having a lot of opposition from some stakeholders regarding the issue. They argue that the budget is too high and in the past years the company facilitated several meetings that raised the operating costs by 5% of the initially allocated amounts. Their concern is reasonable and has to be factored for transparency and equality to be is essential for the company to guard the shareholder's interest so that it can maintain a good relationship with them. About objectives laid down at the beginning of last year one of them was cost-cutting this justifies the opposition from the stakeholders. Similarly, the request should have been a month earlier for the necessary arrangements to be made.

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The information has been relayed on a short notice period and as you know the decisions have to be made upon a thorough discussion with the board and time is also needed for funds to be allocated. Mr. Marks, I hope you understand this and take it positively. The advice I can give you is that kindly schedule the training to a later date as the company discusses the issue and give you more consideration. Additionally, you can plan for internal practice that will not be costly but will still deliver the required information to the managers. Mr. Marks kindly note that your notice has not been disregarded but will be given consideration at a later date upon proper planning and proper consultation with the stakeholders as we explain to them the need for the training. In the meantime, the company gives you the mandate to organize refresher training that can be done within the company at a lower cost as we wait for your request to be considered. I hope you understand this and view it from a positive angle.

Thank you

Mr. David Myers

Regional General Manager DC Branch

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