Free Essay on The Place of Spiritualism in American Psychology

Published: 2018-01-11
Free Essay on The Place of Spiritualism in American Psychology
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American psychology has transversed over a century of perfection and adoption of new age concepts such as cognitive psychology and information processing. The journal clearly articulates how the current psychologist have moved from the original goal of understanding human nature to the scientific process of deductive analysis. The art of deductive analysis according to the author is geared towards gaining control over human beings, despite this, it can be viewed that through a collection of data over human behavior is one way to reaching out to a deductible conclusion or theory. Scientific psychology in American Psychological studies is rooted in German and Anglo psychological concepts which dwell most of its efforts in gaining an understanding of human nature based on deduction. The fact is that true spirit of psychology should seek its root from the Works of Plato and a pre-Socratic era whose origin lies on the precepts of Egyptian psycho-philosophical ideologies.

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In essence, the psychologist of today have moved from an understanding individual with their unique issues, but have moved towards the generalization of individual problems into certain categorical facets. It is important to understand that individuals are different in their own natures, the ego or “ka” known in Egyptian mythology is an aspect individualism. The works of Freud Sigmund and other spiritualists like Plato resonate well with the original intent of human Psychology. The psychologist of today should learn more on the origin of human psychology from the perspectives of ancient African ideologies of human nature and deter away from the misogynistic ways of the 21st-century scientific psychology.

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