Essay Sample with Reflection on CPD Activities

Published: 2022-04-12
Essay Sample with Reflection on CPD Activities
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You are required to upload your SSL Skills portal completion certificate as well as completing task one and two, the details of which can be found below.

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Please upload your 'SSL Skills portal completion certificate' here.

Task One

You are required to undertake CPD activities throughout the year, the full details of these activities are on the CPD module web which is self-selected and as such it is your responsibility to log and retain for your portfolio evidencing. You must obtain and discuss below a minimum of 100 CPD points in order to pass this module.

You must complete an entry in the log below for each CPD activity or points awarded all columns must be completed in order to pass this module.

Title of CPD Event Date of Session Points Acquired

Effective time management 22/7/2016 5

Mindset growth and Self-efficiency - workshop selection 15/7/2016 10

Personality review 15/7/2016 5

Professional Ethics- workshop selection 13/9/2016 5

Presentation Abilities: Introduction- Workshop selection 27/9/2016 10

Presentation Abilities: Advanced- Workshop selection 10/10/2016 10

Marketing Skills- Workshop selection 7/8/2016 10

Conveyance Skills- Workshop Selection 15/8/2016 5

Company background knowledge - Workshop selection 8/9/2016 5

Library Basics- Workshop selection 7/7/2016 5

An exceptional placement application- Workshop selection 21/9/2016 10

Artificial assessment center- Workshop selection 2/10/2016 10

Utilization of the work placement -Workshop selection 2/7/2016 5

Scope of careers "positions in consultancy, finance, and business" 29/7/2016 5

Total Points Acquired

Please reflect on all CPD activities you have completed. Analyze any main developmental points from the events relating to your professional development and career progress. What did you learn from these events? Were these events helpful? Also, include any actions you have set yourself as a result of these events.

(Approximately 800-1000 words on overall reflection)

Effective Time Management

The event helped me to improve my schedule to save time and to utilize my day. The activity assisted me to comprehend the importance of creating effective strategies to manage time and the significance of ensuring a balance between the varying demands of earning money, studying, job searching and leisure. Consequently, the acquired skills aided me in balancing between vacation job and revising for my exams. Similarly, I was able to learn to change my Schedule and character traits to prevent time-related stress.

Mind-set growth and Self- efficiency

I learned the significance of a person's mentality as it helps us endure challenges, as such, enabling a one to become more engaged in the learning process leading to their academic success. Subsequently, I will persevere and strive to perform better. Self-efficiency helped me to gain more confidence and to believe in my ability to accomplish essential learning tasks and to produce anticipated results. Consequently, I decided to persist and persevere during difficulty and to become engage more in learning to achieve academic success.

Personality Review

Through the event, I was able to discover that I have a Type A personality associated with my multitasking capability, my ambition, organization, and my status consciousness. I usually create strict goals for myself, as I find time a crucial factor. Successively, I avoid delays, and I intend to introduce stress-relieving to help me relax during my studies. As a result, I will be able to prevent downfalls emanating from my personality traits such as stress.

Professional Ethics

I was able to distinguish that although knowledge and skills are essential, professional courtesy depicts a mature, accountable individual with the capacity to represent any organization. I learned that the deficiency of ethics could damage one's image, impend personal relations and prevent one from getting employed. Even so, I have resolved to make a lasting first impression through techniques such as smiling, maintaining eye connection, and giving a firm handshake.

Presentation Abilities: Introductory

Here I learned that confidence, clarity, and delivery are critical factors while conveying or creating a message. The latter would be helpful as gaining self-confidence can lead to a life transformation. As such, I will make compelling presentations to enhance my confidence and to boost my self-esteem.

Presentation Abilities: advanced

Through the event, I was able to improve my presentation skills to enable me to captivate my audience. Subsequently, I have developed an exceptional style that will allow me to deliver outstanding presentations. Also, by polishing my newly acquired abilities, I will gain credibility, especially among focused, knowledgeable and potentially ambivalent individuals. As such, I will set to boost my aptitude to make persuasive, inspirational

Marketing skills.

I learned the importance of negotiating skills in building an individual's ability to change confrontational approaches to enable effective negotiation into problem-solving that yields better results for every party. The event helped me to acquire proficiencies in skills diagnosing, comprehending, and to lead the negotiation process. Successively, I seek to understand and improve my capacity to negotiate in either, complex, or simple scenarios.

Conveyance skills.

Through the event, I was able to develop relevant communication skills and useful techniques in all communication formats. Successively, my interpersonal and organization skills have significantly improved. Further, I seek to enhance my workplace relationships, business goals and to increase client satisfaction through action-oriented and focused communication.

Company background knowledge.

I learned the importance of a library as the available resources provide numerous data regarding different companies. Similarly, it was in the library that I was able to research my career path by availing the relevant information concerning my companies of interest. By enhancing my knowledge in the area, I was able to establish a vision and purpose. As such, I will research about my employers in the future to help me develop commercial awareness and to prepare for interviews and job applications.

Library basics.

In this section, I was able to learn that the library contains numerous resources and opportunities to learn valuable skills. I have since learned to utilize and navigate among the available resources and acquired research skills. Likewise, I was able to develop meaningful outcomes to evaluate library programs and initiatives that may be useful in the future. As such, I seek to engage with industry experts who share their experience and notions on social media and various platforms on the web.

An exceptional placement application.

I learned that for me to make an outstanding placement application, I must update my application, follow job instructions and advertisement and avoid grammatical and spelling errors. The event was significant as it helped me realize the importance of researching about both the position and the relevant organization. Accordingly, I will actively prepare for an interview by researching about a company and ensuring I make a lasting impression.

Artificial assessment centre.

At this stage, I understood the importance of extensive reading and to consider the challenges and issues affecting a company. Also, such arrangements display one's understanding and the commercial responsiveness of the industry. Even so, I will ensure I conduct thorough research, consider employer requirements and explore different personal issues.

Utilization of the work placement.

I learned that how an individual utilizes their time during placement may be an extended interview by a company to determine one's performance and if they can offer them a job after graduation. Additionally, I established that placement is the best way to gain work experience as it provides one with a chance to utilize their skills and to develop them. As such, I will look for a placement in a to assess whether I will enjoy the job.

Scope of careers "positions in consultancy, finance and business"

The career event enabled me to learn the significance of meeting with employers to discuss career opportunities. The episode was helpful since I am looking for an internship opportunity either as part-time, full-time capacities or a volunteer position.

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