Free Essay with Phenom 100 and Cessna Citation Mustang Synopsis

Published: 2022-04-28
Free Essay with Phenom 100 and Cessna Citation Mustang Synopsis
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Phenom 100

One of the models is of Phenom 100 is Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100. It is a light jet established by Brazilian aircraft. The manufacturer is Embraer and EMB-500 is its type of certificate. The jet is still in production, and it has a unit cost of $2,125,000.

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The characteristics of the plane include having one pilot, and it has a capacity of 4-6 passengers (Palt, n.d). The payload of the plane has a maximum of 755kg and full fuel of 253 kg. Additionally, it has a length of 12.82m, a wingspan of 12.3 m, the height of 4.35m and an empty weight of 3275 kg. The maximum takeoff weight is 4800kg while the cabin altitude, cabin height, and cabin length are 8000 ft at 41000, 1.5m, and 3.35m respectively. The maximum landing weight, maximum zero fuel weight, and fuel capacity of 4480 kg, 4030kg, 1272kg (Palt, n.d). Furthermore, the maximum speed, cruise speed, and minimum control speed are M 0.70, 750 km/h, and 97 kn IAS. The service ceiling is 12, 497. The taking off distance is 3, 199 ft while the landing distance is 2, 430 ft.


The jet is designed to transport a small group of individuals. The plane fits a government setting. The reason is that it is comfortable and it only carries a capacity of four individuals. The plane is useful for this organization as it saves time due to its high speed. Furthermore, it is convenient since it has an average width and height meaning that the politicians can easily land closer to their destinations. The jet is also flexible as it can be flown any time and the schedules of governments officials are usually unpredictable. It also has quality service since it offers luxury furnishings and space.

Cessna Citation Mustang

The Cessna Citation Mustang (510 model) is a twin-engine and light jet that was produced by Cessna Aircraft Company situated in the United States of America. The aircraft has one crew and a total of four passengers. Its propulsion is 2 Turbofan Engines, and the engine model is Pratt &Whitney Canada (PW615F). The maximum speed is Mach 0.63 or 777km/h while the cruise speed is 630km/h ("Cessna Citation Mustang").


The jet's service ceiling, range, and empty weight are 12 497m, 2130 km, and 2404 kg. It has a maximum take-offload of 2404 kilogram (Corporate Jet Investor Staff, 2015). Furthermore, the jet has a wingspan of 13.16 m, wing area of 19,5 m2. It has a length and a height of 12.37m and 4.09m respectively. The useful load is 1420 kg while the taking off distance and landing distance are 948 m and 729 m respectively (Corporate Jet Investor Staff, 2015). The luggage capacity is 1.7 m2. Additionally, the jet is still being produced. Its current unit cost is $3.5 million.


This aircraft matches the business of delivering of parcels. The jet has a storage space that can store the products that are needed by organizations and individuals. The reason why the plane is suitable for delivery of products and letters is that it is only meant for short distances. Therefore, transportation of the items like parcels will ensure that the customers get their items on time. It also has a low operating cost that is effective for the business. This jet is also convenient and fast for traveling and delivery of parcels. Moreover, the plane is efficient for the delivery services as it is appropriate and can quickly land to a close destination.


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