Hospital Proof-Based Practices. Essay Example

Published: 2023-03-27
Hospital Proof-Based Practices. Essay Example
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As a new Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) in a medium-sized hospital in Texas, it is my wish that I introduce practices that are up to date and are proof-based as per the regulations of professionalism. Introducing careful problem-solving mechanisms to clinical practices in a medium hospital in Texas will not be a walk in the park. However, many steps must be synchronized to ensure that the clinical practices are updated and can be substantiated clinically. In this essay, I have stated the various steps that must be considered in implementing evidence-based practices in nursing. Consequently, I have also evaluated some of the processes that should be changed in effecting the new clinical culture in Texas.

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It goes undisputedly that evidence-based norms are so essential in facilitating higher quality care, increasing patient results, it is cost-effective as well as satisfying the traditional requirements and methodologies to nursing. However, such practices have not to be adopted in this hospital that I am appointed as the new CNO due to some of the lack of driving force among nurses. (Melnyk, GallagherFord, Thomas, Troseth, Wyngarden, & Szalacha, 2016). The process of implementing EBP would take the following steps;

First and foremost, encouraging inquisitive spirits among the patients is an essential step in implementing the EBP. (Walvoord, 2018). After that, asking clinical questions and contrasting of intrusions would precede in implementing the practice. It takes into consideration the number of patient in a clinic as well as their areas of interests. The third step in EBP is searching for the most appropriate proof through conducting comprehensive research based on clinical scenarios. In this step, I would involve the services of a rapid response team who would assist in the collection of data. Once the best evidence is arrived at, I would critically evaluate it as CNO officer in charge.

Consequently, I would synchronize the evidence found according to clinical requirement and later assess the results of the changes based on the EBP. ((Gallo, Doyle, Beckman, & Lizarraga, 2019). The last step in implementing the EBP would be giving out the EBP outcomes in the clinical institution and other health care organizations. To effective realize the new culture in the hospital, I would review the very last step in implementing the EBP. Sharing of findings is not all that necessary as it only involves collecting the views of other clinical officers from other health organizations. All the processes to be implemented and adopted properly would take a month or two because I will have to first discuss the EBP with the already existing officers in the hospital and convince of the new practice.


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Walvoord, E. (2018). Implementation of an Evidence-Based Practice Model in a Rural Community Hospital: A Guide to Neonatal Nursing Practice.

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