Implicit Theories and Their Role in Judgement and Reactions, Free Essay on the Article

Published: 2019-09-09
Implicit Theories and Their Role in Judgement and Reactions, Free Essay on the Article
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The authors of the article, implicit theories, and their role in judgement and reactions: A world from two perspectives is three authors namely Chiu, Dweck, & Hong. The purpose of the study is give forth the models that exist within which people hold the theories about the human attributes and the way they react to different situations (Chiu et al, 1995). The article gives evidence based on the beliefs of people in situations they have fixed trait-like entities they are bound to understand different occurrences of things depending on the fixed traits they possess. This is in comparison to the beliefs people have on attributes based on dynamic and developable theories, they focus on the less broad traits. Such theories focus on the psychological stressors and specific behavioral character.

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Theories in relation to people are widely implicit and other times articulated poorly. This necessitates the need to research on human behavior pattern and identify the key implicit beliefs that further lead to the processing of information related to social behavior. There are assumptions people make on the personal attributes and have beliefs on the character traits like on intelligence and morality. This is based on assumptions that traits like intelligence are fixed and hence cannot be changed. On the other hand, qualities like the non-malleable traits could be changed and developed as they are part of the incremental theories.

The result of the study reveals that the fixed traits organize the phenomenology of the individuals, as there is a close relationship between the traits and the actions. On the other hand, it is possible to see human attribute the dynamic properties to develop a strategic human behavior of people (Chiu et al, 1995). In order to understand the human reality, one should consider all aspects of the specific psychological processes and the behavior that mediates the behavioral processes that will trigger the outcomes. This in turn may result to lower degrees of ascertain hence the need to engage more complex analyses to attain the level of certainty.The belief in the different perspectives in assumptions that is the fixes and the malleable human attributes are the major view in an individuals view of the world. There is no definite way of proving that either of them is the correct one. They are just theories developed to explain the human traits and predict the human behavior. Both theories lead to development of global human traits on the judgements and the coping styles in any type of situation. Some of the implicit factors were uncontrollable and the concerns rose on individual behavior.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the variables on independent factors reveal that personal confidence goes a long way in the influence of a person. Self-confidence directly relates to the personal performance on the implicit experience and the achievements attained thereafter. It also reduces the level of setbacks. For instance, the self-esteem of person is directly relative to the intellectual ability. The methods of testing the hypothesis is through conducting studies on the human behavior pattern as well as taking a control form of experiment to avoid making any assumption (Chiu et al, 1995). The implications of the results are that it is possible to make predictions on the judgement and reactions expected from and how each reacts to different situations in life.


Chiu, C., Dweck C., & Hong Y. (1995) Implicit theories and their role in judgement and reactions: A world from two perspectives. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

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