Free Essay: the Philosophy of Science

Published: 2023-01-18
Free Essay: the Philosophy of Science
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The world is one big rounded surface that is consists of objects that are negatively charged. These objects are pulled towards one point, which is the centre of the earth as it was discovered by Isaac Newton. Newton says that all objects are drawn towards the centre of the universe by gravitational force. About this theory, all objects in the sky experience the same pull. However, the gravitational force reduces in strength with increase in altitude. These objects in the sky are of different sizes and conformation. Some are made of shiny particles that accumulated millions of years before the existence of man due to the accumulation of dust particles from the earth surface that was deposited by clouds during cloud formation. These particles are from different, and therefore, they started reacting to producing high heat. Due to this reaction, the object formed due to the sedimentation of these particles began melting, and particles that had a lower melting capacity disintegrated and hanged freely in space since the gravitational pull is weak on such a height. When the molten element solidified, they formed objects of different shapes, the stars. The paper shall discuss the reason behind the formation of some space bodies seen from space while one is on the surface of the earth based facts on the electrostatic charges, the density of the objects, and the cohesion and adhesion forces.

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According to the existing belief on the electrostatic force, various scientists have explained that electrostatic forces result from the collision of moving objects. This can be in the form of sliding on each other, causing loss of some particles which makes that material positively charged since it requires an additional particle to make it stable. Thus the bits and pieces in space become positively charged. More so, the sun is also positively charged since it loses some particles when melting. Generally, like charges repels. The sun repels the molten charged particles further, bringing them closer to the surface of the earth. These stars are further pulled closer by the layer covering the earth surface known as the Ozone which exists as negatively charged. The ozone is negatively charged because the air particles in this layer are less active and therefore, their movement is slower, which means there is reduced collision; thus, the tendency of losing particles is low. It comprises of two elements, the carbon and oxygen. The oxygen combines with carbon to form carbon dioxide leaving a room for other air components that joins through gaining the particles of the other. Therefore, they are negatively charged and but since they are fewer in number, the charge produced is generally lower to pull the stars by a greater distance.

Denser materials settle closer to the sun while the less dense stars are repelled further by the sun. Thus the most prominent stars are closer to the sun and far from the earth's surface. This explains why some stars are seen as bigger than others. The biggest star is the moon, which is made of the densest material. The stars, the moon, and the sun exist on a space where the gravitational pull of the earth does not reach and so they are suspended in space. They move freely in space, which makes them lack a specific position. More so, the sun also moves due to the active reaction, which makes it vibrate and move in the same direction since there are no objects to stop its movement. It runs in a waveform which causes it to shine with a variation. When it is at the apex of the wave, the light produced does not reach the world, and the light reaches the earth when it is at the lowest point of the wave variations in lighting during the day and night.

In conclusion, the earth is the mother of all stars, the sun, and the moon. Dust particles deposited to the atmosphere accumulated to form the sun, which with more deposition of the particles from different elements, caused a reaction that led to the melting of the sun. The molten material solidified to form a substance of varying size, shape, and density resulting in the formation of stars. These particles are positively charged since they collided during the melting process leading to l formation of an electrostatic charge and the loss of some of the particles. The sun is also positively charged since it losses material some particles formed from the reaction make it charged too. Thus, the repulsion between like charges of the moon and stars pushed the stars closer to the word. The density of some stars makes them move closer to the earth's atmosphere. Due to the reaction of the sun, it moves across space, which is equal to the earth on varied wavefronts, causing day and night. This explains why stars are seen closer to the earth.

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