Classification of the American Tribes - Free Essay in Ethnography

Published: 2018-09-05
Classification of the American Tribes - Free Essay in Ethnography
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Three aboriginal American tribes

America comprises of a group of people who can be categorized by their tribes. According to the American Constitution, the congress has the right to interact with these subgroups. Notably, each tribe differs in their way of doing things as a result of their different origin, culture and governing systems. Respect is one of the key issues that should be observed for every tribe as they are considered to be independent. These tribes are granted various rights by the federal government that is guided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. However, various procedures have to be met to acquire recognition. This paper will discuss three aboriginal American tribes and how they differ from each other. The tribes are Absentee Shawnee, Plains Apache and Cahto with a view to explicate the fact that the American population consists of different tribes, each having a unique origin and their way of doing things.

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The absentee Shawnee Tribe originated from Northeastern United States. They are considered semi migratory as they moved from one place to another due to the American Revolutionary War. This way, they moved from Kansas in 1845 thus their name absentee. The group was later forced to move to Cleveland County and Deep Fork River became their final settlement. In addition, the tribe is governed by the executive committee who are usually elected through membership. Shawnee language is their native language though it’s considered to be endangered as most of the fluent speakers are the elderly people. This way, the children are not adequately informed about the language as it is considered to be complicated. Socially, villages are lead by a chief or a council, people who are chosen depending on their military skills and bravery. Equally clear, Shawnee people participate in stomp dance, Green corn dance and many others. Skirts and leggings were the main clothes for women while breechclouts and leggings were common for men.

People in the plains, apache tribe and Cahto Tribe

People in the plains apache tribe lived in the upper side of Missouri river. Considering the social aspect they were split into extended families that went out hunting. Notably, Dismal rive culture is an important aspect in their lives. Kiowa apache language is considered extinct as the last fluent speaker died living behind a generation that is not well educated on their language. Importantly, Chiricahua and Jicarilla are the two type of kinship in this tribe. Further, Teepee, wakiup and Hogan are the common types of houses they lived in depending on where they are located. People in this tribe obtained their food through hunting and gathering as well as domesticated plants and through trade. In addition, Seed beads were used to decorate their clothes that were made from animal hides.

The Cahto Tribe is believed to have originated from the cahto valley. Kato is their native language in which they communicated in. The tribal councils govern the people and are elected democratically by the people. Importantly, they used tanned deer skin as their clothes and wrapped it around their waist. To add on that, they tattooed their face and chest as it was one of their culture whereby they drew two straight or broken lines. Grass and tree barks were used to construct their houses. Politically, the villages were supposed to elect chiefs’ who were supposed to guide the people. Lastly, Children were advised on some of their rights and traditions to ensure they uphold their culture.

Each of the aboriginal American tribes has a unique culture, governing system and origin. Additionally, their native languages are endangered as most of the fluent speakers are dead. Each tribe has a different language in which they use to pass across information to their fellow members. Plains apache and cahto depended on animals for their clothes while shownee had clothes made of fiber. Clearly, each tribe has a governing system that aims at ensuring peace and advising the community. Each tribe engages in a certain activity depending on their culture as a way of upholding their culture and passing it from one generation to another.

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