Reflection Essay Sample on Business Writing

Published: 2022-11-04
Reflection Essay Sample on Business Writing
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Looking back at how I have developed my writing skills for a professional setting this semester, I must say I am a better writer today compared to the start of the semester. My writing skills seem to be improving day after day as I explore various writing aspects. I remember, my childhood years when I first came to America, I had a lot of difficulties in spelling, sentence structures, and grammar. The three became my goals which I can confirm I managed with time. After mastering the necessary writing skills, this semester has been another challenge in another advanced stage in writing. I want to reflect on how I have developed further as a writer throughout this semester in the self-assessment task.

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It all started with having the smart goals and which I was determined that I would achieve. Having achieved my basic writing skills such as correct spelling, good sentence structures, and proper grammar, my focus this semester turned to practical and business writing. My goals were to take my writing to another level where I could communicate with others, organizations, institution administration, and businesses. For instance, I practiced on how best I could write an application letter seeking for employment. I also wanted to understand how best I could make my proposal to the institution administration and communicate to the business through writing. I must admit that am happy I did achieve my set goals. For instance, I was able to write an excellent cover letter to Schemersahl Treloar and Co seeking for the internship. I managed this with minimal difficulties, and I believe my letter turned out an excellent one. The same way I managed to raise a complainant to the business raising my concern on the way I was treated while at the business premise.

Other than having earlier difficulties in grammar, spellings, and sentence structures, after setting new goals to achieve this semester, I portrayed various weakness. Some of the noted weaknesses were being unable to define the write format for official communication. For instance, I could know what to write but could not tell how I would do presentable writing following the right form. For example, I had difficulties deciding the correct format for a formal letter to seek for an internship. The same way happened when it came to writing a business letter to raise a complaint. However, towards the end of the semester, I have worked hard to strengthen some of these weaknesses and must say that the paper I wrote followed the right format and captured all the required details.

I would not say that am the best writer but am somewhere in my writing development, and experiences I have had through my writing path have polished my writing from scratch to an average writer. My writing process started by correcting on the spelling to use the right spellings, constructing standard sentence structures, and improving on the grammar used. With time, I managed these and my turn this semester focused on taking it to another level of using writing to achieve life expectations and desires through writing cover letter and games room building proposal.

Though, it appeared like a weakness when I first started, having good sentence structures is my area of strength in writing. Correct spellings writing is also my strength though I still have challenges with few words, however, some of these problems I discover through proofreading my work that polish it to become the best. I now want to go beyond business writing and even venture into scholarly writing where I will write and publish books especially in my area of accounting and economy since the two go hand in hand. I believe by this; I will be able to improve as a writer.

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