The New Deal for the United States

Published: 2022-08-26
The New Deal for the United States
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In his presidential acceptance speech in 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the U.S. citizens stating that "I pledge to you, I pledge to myself, to a new deal for the American people." The New Deal began in 1933 and provided a series of federal programs that were designed to provide recovery, relief, and reform to the fragile nation. The U.S. had been psychologically and economically struck by the Great Depression. The deal, therefore, provided a series of programs and projects that aimed at restoring prosperity to the Americans. Roosevelt, after ascending to office in 1933 acted swiftly to stabilize the economy and provide jobs and relief to the suffering population. I, therefore, view the New Deal as a good strategy for the United States. The government, over the next eight years after the signing of the deal, instituted a series of experimental New Deal projects and programs that include the CCC, the TVA, the WPA and the SEC among others whose aim was to restore some dignity and prosperity to the American people. This New Deal permanently and fundamentally changed the federal government's relationship to the U.S. citizens.

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I view it as a good deal because it was a way of restructuring capitalism and making it more appealing to ordinary citizens. Other advantages that came along with the New Deal include:

Social security: Basically, it may look like a socialist program. However, from an inner perspective, it seems the opposite because social security is tremendously funded by payroll taxes which are in most cases parts of a citizen's wage being withheld and saved. It's roughly a pension of the citizen's earnings and that makes it popular.

Medicare and Medicaid: Both programs provide health care to the old and the poor respectively, which is pretty good. They are, however, still in existence to date and are extremely popular.

The Works Projects Administration: These projects provided a way for the government to directly employ people by putting up infrastructure. It can be viewed as a design to employ the formerly unemployed. This helped to some extent, even though it didn't provide a long term solution.

The CCC: this was another most socialist program of the New Deal. It is, however, notable because it led to the creation of the infrastructure in our national parks. Other than the WPA, it was limited to the young men aged between 17 and 28 years. They were employed for six months and received rations worth $ 30.00 on a monthly basis from which $ 25.00 was sent to their families. This was pretty good even if it didn't provide long term solutions.

It led to the establishment of the Glass-Stegal which was an act that was designed to prevent another depression from taking place by regulating financial speculations. Financial regulation is a good thing.

The various alphabet soup agencies were set up to achieve a myriad of goals that were beneficial to the state. They include rural electrification, dealing with farm surpluses and subsidies, handling financial dealings, restoring industrial capacities and federal housing programs and processes. Most of these agencies are still with us today and still do their job, which is pretty good.

The New Deal, therefore, did preserve capitalism in the United States by making it more appealing to the working class. Initially, capitalism was associated with the extorting of workers. It is now viewed as a pillar of the American economy. In the absence of the New Deal, capitalism would have been rejected and the US would have given way to communism and this would have been the end of America.

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