Essay Example in Occupational Health and Safety Management

Published: 2022-04-04
Essay Example in Occupational Health and Safety Management
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The firm should have a system to account for employees in the event of an evacuation. In case of protecting the unborn babies from emergencies, first actions like first aid should be done to prevent cases early death, and another effect that may be accompanied by accident. It should be ensured by making first aid boxes are available and stocked appropriately and trained first aiders are available at any moment. Moreover, assigning of work should be done accordingly by placing the expectant in a less risky department like of storing, parking to be sure of their safety when emergencies occur. Firms should ensure cleaning of the tools used in the processing of to avoid friction of equipment that may cause explosions. Some activities like smoking should be highly discouraged when in a workplace to prevent accident and unwanted situation that can lead damages and ensure the safety of all employees.

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Safe use of hazardous products

While processing toothpaste, some products used are hazardous to human health. They may be in a liquid form like fluoride, solid form and even fume that may affect the health of the employees (Reese, 2015). Some of the policies that may be adopted while using these products include; keep some of the product in a locked place which only specified persons have access. While keeping the product where they are unreachable, the employee should be well educated how the product may affect their health. As they use them during processing should avoid physical contact with the product to prevent its reaction to them. Use of mask to avoid inhaling the product and wearing of the apron to avoid any involvement of product physically. To able to protect employees from bloodborne pathogens the policy of cleanliness should also be set any immoral behavior during working hours should be highly punished.

Moreover, while employing the workers, medical records should be presented so that the management will know the medical state of their employees thus strategies them accordingly. In case of protecting unborn babies, the expectant should be assigned to the department where they are uninvolved with harmful products for them and unborn. Special care should also be taken to ensure that the unborn are well protected for instance not assign to difficult and heavy duties that may bring some discomforts to the mother.

Conclusively, in the working place healthy and safety measures should be set to ensure workers are safe in their area of specifications. Every worker should have policies protecting him\her and in case of emergencies and workers health is threatened the organization should be responsible for employee state. The young and expectant mothers have to be protected by the developed policies to ensure the safety of their health. The workers should also be well educated and trained on how to handle and deal with the product that they are using. It should be known to the employees how the product can affect their health negatively and be encouraged to take the precautions put in place for their health.


Reese, C. D. (2015). Occupational health and safety management: a practical approach. CRC press.

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