The Negative Implication of Ventilators in Terms of Lung Damage to COVID-19 Patients - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-30
The Negative Implication of Ventilators in Terms of Lung Damage to COVID-19 Patients - Essay Sample
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The issue at hand was the risk posed to COVID-19 patients in their use of ventilators. Ventilators used to artificially deliver air to patients with breathing problems like in the case of COVID-19 patients. The ventilators use tubes that provide fresh air to the patients; nonetheless, the artificial way of delivering air into the patients may affect their health (McGuinness et al., 2020). This paper will critically analyze the consequences of the ventilators as a health mechanism to better patient’s health.

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According to the statistics from a report on barotrauma compiled by radiologists in the NYU Grossman School of Medicine in New York and Georgeann McGuinness, they acknowledged that lack of ventilators leads directly to death (McGuinness et al., 2020). Other than the risk of barotrauma patients, ventilators also pose the risk of death among COVID-19 patients who have stayed in the mechanical ventilation hospital for quite some time. In the radiologist's findings, the barotrauma infections' events had a higher risk in young patients than any other population. Thus, the precise aim of this paper is to find out the damage or issue at hand in the use of a ventilator in patients with respiratory problems, especially COVID-19 patients. Moreover, a mechanical ventilator uses on a specific population (McGuinness et al., 2020). Also, the typical respiratory risk through the use of ventilators and the method of assessing the damage of the affected patients' respiratory systems.


The ventilators harm the respiratory health of COVID 19 patients, and the effects may be tragic and may lead to harmful impacts.

Participants and materials

According to the data used by McGuinness and colleagues, the participants of the research were 600 participants who were selected randomly from pho were hospitalized for a similar condition that is COVID19. The patients underwent similar situations put under ventilators, and a chest x-ray performed regularly to determine the outcomes. The duration of the research was five weeks.

Sampling techniques

The data used was from articles from Google Scholar; the practical search terms that I used were barotrauma, ventilators, and respiratory damages. The data that I used from the reports was custom ranged from 2015-2020.


The independent variables were the population of 600 patients used, and the dependent variable was time.


In the data obtained from McGuinness research, the study participants' total population was 600 COVID 19 patients(McGuinness et al., 2020). The patients' data indicates the number of inpatients hospitalized between the stated period of five weeks from the first week of March to the first week of April, where their conditions were regularly scrutinized. However, Three-quarters of the participants were men; the sample size of the population was obtained randomly. The patients' progress was assessed through the performance of a chest x-ray (Nainggolan, 2020). According to the data obtained from the outcome, the population indicates 89 patients were detected with barotrauma once or twice.

The hypothesis confirms that the mechanical ventilators had harmful effects on the COVID-19 patients; the diagnosed barotrauma could make easily. However, there was no direct intrinsic connection between the automated ventilator settings and the apparent cause of barotrauma in COVID-19 patients. Thus, it is of urgent importance for the healthcare practitioners who deal with the COVID-19 patients to heed on various risks, for instance, the barotrauma that may lead to the different deleterious effects on the patient’s health (Nainggolan, 2020). The chest tubes should be considered to treat other products like pneumomediastinum and may require the intervention.

The significant risk of barotrauma as a result of COVID-19 is death or even prolonged hospitalization of the patients. In the findings, around 15% of the total 600 participants used in the study hospitalized March and April had barotrauma. 15 % of the survey's total population over the weeks gradually increased after performing an x-ray of the chest. The study outcomes showed that the mechanical ventilator used increased the barotrauma contraction (Nainggolan, 2020). Thus, consideration should concentrate on other effective methods that could be used different the mechanical ventilators to curb the consistency of lung damage through ventilator use.


According to the research results, it is proper to affirm that mechanical ventilators increase barotrauma risk in COVID 19 patients. Thus, the risk of barotrauma development may also lead to harmful effects like the patients' death or prolonged hospitalization periods. Thus, even the ventilator settings by the healthcare professions who have a specialty in the area are essential. And therefore, the use of the tubes should be considered in severe conditions such as pneumomediastinum.


In the future other interventions of COVID 19 treatment, other methods than mechanical ventilators should be considered to reduce the risk of barotrauma and mortality.


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