Essay Sample on Western University Of Graduate Nursing

Published: 2023-01-20
Essay Sample on Western University Of Graduate Nursing
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I would like to apply for an entry-level of master's in nursing because at the moment I do not have rn or bsn. The reason why I want to join Western University is to advance my educational background in becoming a professional. I have worked at a physical therapy clinic for 7 years now alongside volunteering in USC Verdugo hills hospital. My main goal is to reach out to as many people as possible who are in poor countries and not able to attain medical care. I would like to become a highly qualified nurse in offering nursing care to these individuals in their comfort areas. It has been my great ambition to excel in my education and clinical efforts which is also a reason why I would like to advance in nursing.

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It is my hope that I will be able to offer the highest caliber of therapy to patients as well as deliver the gift of healing and ability to the underprivileged in the community and society. Through the education that I will have gained from the University, I will be verified to provide education to the majority of people about the need for medical care and its impacts on prolonging life.

Knowledge gained from the University will help me attain an expertise level in medical care that I will use to pass the same to people in need of it. Joining the University will be a big step to me in gaining the competent capacity to provide necessary services where possible that involve medical care.

I will strive to master the body of knowledge and skills in my nursing education which I will add to my present level of training. I will be happy to join the University and meet my goals of being the best medical practitioner. I will have made such big progress in my life especially in my nursing career which has been my area of great interest.

I would also want to inspire others who I mentor so that they can also achieve their goals of being where they would like to be in life. I am confident that there are quite a number of people who look up to me and would also like to reach a high professionalism level through education.

Hence, the reason for attending the University will also include setting good standards for them that they can emulate in their lives as well. Earning the entry level of master in nursing is my short-term goal which will guarantee me ongoing advances in knowledge. It is my hope that I will be able to get a chance to study in this great University.

Explain Your Motivation For Graduate Study To Become A Nurse

My main motivation to become a nurse is that there are many people from poor countries who are suffering in terms of medical facilities and care. There are limited programs that are available to provide the care needed by these individuals. Thus, from the fact that I like to travel, I would also put my nursing profession to offer help to the poor countries as much as I can. Currently, I feel that my bachelor in public health has some major limitations such as offering specific therapy to the physical conditions of these patients. I am only able to provide education to them about what they should do about their conditions but not offer the specific infliction on them to deal with the conditions. Thus, when I gain nursing verification and the broad knowledge of administering medication, I will be at a better position to interact with the patients and provide the necessary services where possible.

Another major motivation in my life has been a passion for becoming a nurse. I have always wanted to become a nurse. In my quest to gather a little knowledge on the background of nursing, I started to volunteer in the USC Verdugo Hills hospital where I shadowed someone who is a nurse in home health.

I had a great experience in standing in for the nurse as I gained a little of what nursing responsibilities are like. I considered it a great achievement for me being able to handle what a nurse should be doing. This way, I was motivated to join the University and achieve my nursing degree which when coupled with my bachelor in public health, it will be an added advantage in reaching my goal even faster than expected.

Working with patients has also been a big motivation for me. I have worked with patients with different conditions such as accidents, strokes, surgery, injuries in the brain and arthritis among others. I got to learn that these patients were once healthy and able-bodied but in the current situation, they are having debilitating conditions which lowered the quality of their lives and even demoralized them.

My bachelor in public health only allowed me to talk to them and I only observed the physical therapists without getting involved. I have always had in mind that patients are vulnerable persons both physically and psychologically and need to be treated with compassion and respect. This kind of interaction built my interest in wanting to nurse those wounds on my own without merely talking to them. Thus, I got motivated to join nursing school.

Describe a Situation When Understanding Someone Else's Perspective Helped You To Understand Them Better

I have had many experiences in public health as I have worked in the physical therapy clinic for close to seven years. This is where I interacted with patients with all manner of conditions that needed psychology treatment due to mental disturbances concerning their physical conditions.

I got to learn that there were many people that needed nourishment on their mental health. Engaging in a conversation with a patient helped to understand their perspective of the medical health and the kind of thoughts they had. I had an encounter with one patient who broke their leg during racing and it seemed that they had totally lost it.

The only survival measure that would be considered is a wheelchair or an artificial leg. It was a traumatic moment for this individual knowing that they would not walk again comfortable like they used to do. On the other side, I was trying to convince them that there is life after the accident and that they still have a chance to live even without the one leg. I wanted to listen to his side more so that I would understand his thoughts.

This person described his hope for life through racing sports and how he thought it had come to an end. He had all the reasons to give and be pessimistic about life. To him, it was a stressful life event that he would hardly bear with it.

I listened to him carefully as he talked about the ambitions he had in life starting from his plans when he won the race. They seemed not to be achievable for him because he was obviously going to spend some significant amount of time in the hospital which would not be recovered. The tragic accident that led to the loss of his leg was a great contributor to the current feeling of an abrupt stop for his life activities and goals that he had planned.

It was overwhelming his ability to cope and was about to enter into periods of stress that may have affected him. Listening to him made me get his whole point of giving up and came up with a solution of getting also engaged in programs that would get him back to being the normal person he was but this time without a leg. I understood how much it meant to lose a significant part of the body which is critical to everyday activities.

What Do You See As the Role Of The Master's Prepared Nurse In Interprofessional Practice Settings?

The main role of a professional nurse is to ensure improvement in the quality of life and care administered to patients. A nurse is a direct care provider. In that case, I will have the role of assisting the client in regaining the health throughout the process of healing. I will need to provide a holistic approach to care which will include assisting the family and the patient to cope with the impacts of the illness.

Such is the role that I have admired all my life and attaining such level of professionalism will be great for me and relief more so to the poor countries. A professional nurse also acts as a protector and also an advocate for the client.

A nurse has the role of maintaining a safe environment that is critical for the client and also taking steps to prevent injury to them. As part of my role, I will make sure that there is no more harm that may arise to the patient and make sure that their condition is safely dealt with.

I will protect the client from any possible adverse effects of the treatment measures by keeping a constant eye on them. A nurse needs to offer their availability at any time to the client; hence the responsibility of being a protector. As a nurse, I will also have the role of protecting the human and legal rights of the client.

In the nursing profession, I will also be at a position of putting my knowledge of public health into use by being a family educator. I will provide them with information and skills that are necessary to manage the illness independently. A professional nurse needs are able to provide advanced nurse practice.

They have expertise in specialized areas of practice which is critical for use in the area of profession. Similarly, there is also the responsibility of nurse research that will be conducted by professionals through attaining my nursing master entry level, I should be able to investigate problems to improve care, define and expand the scope of nursing and also validate the nursing care practices.

My choice for the nursing profession is because it is flexible, so vast and means so much to me. I like nursing because of the diversity of fields. The roles and responsibilities are expanding all the time and I will surely make out professional unlimited skills and abilities.

Describe Those Things About Yourself That Have Prepared You For Success In Graduate School And As A Future Leader In Nursing And Health Care.

One thing that has prepared me for my career in nursing is that of my background in terms of culture, society and also the economy. I am a young woman of the Armenian heritage. I had to immigrate to the US so as to advance as far in my life as my abilities and motivation would take me.

While in the US, I have had the opportunity to pursue my goals despite my gender and background. . Being in the US has prepared me to advance further because there are many opportunities that I could explore to get to the point in life that I would like to be. The fact that it has been easy for me to connect with patients because of my immigrant background, my family's social and financial hardships as well as my ability to speak Armenian and Farsi has given me the motivation to be hardworking.

I always saw these as a great motivation of attaining my goals to be proof that no matter where you are from, putting in hard work will get you to where you want to be. I am eagerly waiting to achieve my nursing profession so that I will not only contribute to the physical healing of the patients but also support them with utmost respect and compassion through their journey of recovery and rehabilitation.

Reflect On Why You Would Be a Good Fit With The Mission Of The Betty Irene Moore School Of Nursing

The mission of the institution is to provide patient care that is based on science, is technically precise and also delivered in a compassionate way. I will definitely be a good fit with the mission because it spells out the goals that I would like to achieve. I have the values that they need which are such as being extraordinary especially in the current era where hard work is needed and not everyone can deliver as required, being compassionate, having courage and integrity in every situation.

The vision of the institution is that advancement in nursing practices can be provided through the highest quality of patient care which is the reason why I am applying for University education on nursing.

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