Essay Sample: The Internal Business Environment

Published: 2023-01-19
Essay Sample: The Internal Business Environment
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There are a lot of companies around the globe. Each company has its competitive opportunities as well as weaknesses. In this paper, one can perform an internal analysis of the Dubai emirate's airline company using the SWOT analysis to highlight the successes and the weaknesses and how each can be improved.

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Strengths and Opportunities

The strength of the airline is that it has its central location in Dubai. This makes it the most competitive since Dubai is one of the most populations destinations. This has led to its great growth economically (Dhabi, 2016). It has created a global brand that has created a network all over six continents. It has excellent catering, aircraft maintenance, and ground holding that has made it the choice of most people. The evidence of this success is the growing number of aircraft serving. The airline does not receive any financial aids from the government, but most shares are controlled largely by the government (Worku, G. B., & Rao, A. (2018). The company has been accused of having low standards by other airlines. This gives bargaining rights and power during negotiation. The airline offers an opportunity to expand. It is now operating two pairs of flight undersigned freedom to operate. The Athens and Newark, and the Milan New York routes. These routes are a chance to exploit the market for bigger returns

Weakness and Threats

The company has weaknesses and threats that could decline the development of the firm whereby in looking at accusations from other European and American airlines, the Emirates of receiving subsidies from the government. This grant makes it unfairly competitive. This may make it face restrictions in Europe and America (Delgado, 2016). There are declining revenues in the company. It has a dark economic future if the claims are true. This is because of its expensive ambitions; it is investing in ordering luxurious planes.

Strategy to eliminate the weaknesses

In conclusion, the company based on the analysis faces a big danger of collapsing is the conflict with other airlines is not resolved. It can resolve this by ensuring that the management complies with the set laws of the aircraft industry of having equal competition rights. It should consider the laws of the other markets too. The company can change the failing revenue by reducing expenditure on new planes. It should not expand to new markets until the current ventures are steady and profitable.


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