Essay Sample: Social Media for Lumber Liquidators Holding Inc.

Published: 2022-11-29
Essay Sample: Social Media for Lumber Liquidators Holding Inc.
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Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc., established in 2009, is a multi-channel specialty merchant of hardwood floorboards, as well as hardwood flooring augmentations and accoutrements. The firm supplies hardwood types, concocted hardwood, seal and irrepressible vinyl terrazzo undeviating to the purchaser. The company offers several products including Solid and Engineered Hardwood, laminate, bamboo, cork, vinyl plank, moldings and accessories, and non-merchandise services (Reuters, 2019). Additionally, the company features renewable carpeting products, bamboo, and cork, and supplies particular flooring enrichments and fittings, comprising cornices, noise-reducing underlay, pastes, and flooring apparatuses. It functions in a holding enterprise configuration with Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc. serving as its parental establishment and mainly straight and unforeseen subsidiaries. The syndicate offers door-door distribution and connection services to its consumers. The company's hardwood carpeting products are obtainable in several breadths and lengths, (Reuters, 2019).

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Solid hardwood flooring has several benefits compared to other carpeting techniques. Hardwood flooring involves straight-forward fitting for people with expertise. These floors have been refined explicitly to guarantee a constant and steady fit. Additionally, hardwood floors are easier to clean since they do not accumulate much dust, dirt, and wreckages. The cleaning method for such floors includes vacuuming, moping and drying the floor. In addition to a sophisticated, high-end artistic, hardwood floors provide warmness, loveliness and the worth of the wood. Hardwood floors give out a high-quality look. Moreover, high-quality hardwood floors which have been kiln-dried, factory-made, mounted and completed to particular standards are sure of lasting long. These floorings are robust, hard-wearing, and possess high durability. Using hardwood floors increases the worth of the property. It is a long-standing top asset and can convert to a robust resale barney.

Furthermore, hardwood floors are of a wide range of appearances including many colors, styles, stains, and species (Justia Dockets and Fillings, 2015). Again, someone has the freedom to choose between pre-finished and finished floors. A floor that is constructed of hardwood has healthier audibility. It does not give out hollow sounds or vibrations. Such floors are a better selection for indoor environments. They provide better internal air quality, in addition to an ageless quality. Hardwood floors tend to appear better as time goes by. These floors are better than others such as carpeting and vinyl since they are ageless and can be refinished instead of replaced when there is wear.

In the "How To" video it will be essential to capture the appearance of the floor and the quality of the floor as the primary content. This will attract the viewers' attention and will make them want to explore more about the product. The beauty catches people, the more something appears lovely, the more people will search about it. Moreover, individuals are more willing to purchase high-quality products. The value of the hardwood floorings will call for more consideration.

The chief social media groups that the company is presently leveraging in terms of followers within the target market is the Lumber Liquidators blog. One way that I can upsurge online community participation is by making a sidebar in the blog that pops a Facebook Fan page doohickey capturing part of the communications made. This will make some of the some of the blog users to be attracted to follow up what the conversations entails hence more participation. Alternatively, I will improve the blog in such a way that people can know who they are interacting with. People are freer to express themselves to someone they perceive as compared to strangers. Revealing the identity of the person communicating in the blog will upsurge some participating persons. I will also include an email subscription form to the blog. People filling these forms will be consistent in communication in the blog and will be receiving updates timely. All these activities will increase the number of people following the company.

To monitor the progress of the campaign, I will base on the number of sales or orders made. The success of the campaign is determined by how many purchases are made compared to previous sales. An increase in sales is proportional to the echelon of success of the campaign. Similarly, a decrease in the number of sales would mean that the drive is not working, or preferably something needs to be done differently. Increase in orders would be an indicator of increased involvement.

Due to its low costs and a large audience, it is easier to be deceived when utilizing social media in business. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the merits and demerits of using social media for business. Some of the benefits of using social media to do business include decreased promotion budgets, the upsurge in sales, heightened traffic flow to the website, increased searching on the search engines, higher purchaser participation, more top access to intercontinental marketplaces and a chance for a client response. Additionally, conducting business via social media provides a chance for the company to carry out market research about their customers. It also improves networking opportunities with consumers as well as other businesses.

Not all businesses can be done online. When poorly planned and uncoordinated, social media business can waste a lot of resources. Some of the disadvantages of social media business include: lack of clear marketing stratagems could lead to condensed profits; more capitals are required to cope with online existence, and social media requires constant watching. Additionally, there is jeopardy of unwelcome conduct on the site such as intimidation. Higher disclosure to social media is capable of attracting risks, (, 2018).

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