Paper Example on Preparing Couples for Marriage

Published: 2023-03-08
Paper Example on Preparing Couples for Marriage
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Content delivery forms a very important part of any presentation. Different individuals will have different ways of capturing information that is delivered to them. According to David Merrill in his CDT theory, learning is classified in two dimensions namely content and performance. This generally means that any targeted audience will find any information worthwhile based on the content that is delivered together with the manner in which it is delivered. Nonetheless, performance should be considered in a large way as people will normally tend to have different types of memory. It is, therefore, important that one tries to incorporate all individuals in their manner of presentation.

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Marriage tends to be a very vital topic in the society today. Many couples will often tend to prefer to attend counseling sessions while others prefer to attend retreats. In whatever instance that the couple is, it is important to consider the delivery method used to ensure that both parties understand and are content of the information provided to them. In this piece of work, we focus on discussing the manner in which one can deliver the content of this topic and vary the delivery according to the audience.

Delivery of content on preparing couples for marriage according to the CDT theory by Merril would contain the following components.

Step 1 Communicating Objectives

The first step towards communicating this topic to the couples would be first informing them of the general objective of the session. The aim of holding this session is not to offer them a manual on how their marriage life would be but to just provide a foundation of what they are most likely to encounter in the union and how to handle various challenges.

Step 2 General view

This encompasses collecting of views from the couples on their general knowledge and expectations about marriage. The notion about marriage is the major thing that affects most couples. While some get into the union for companionship, others get into it without knowledge or an idea of what it entails. This will be important in opening up the minds of the couples to gain different ideas of what marriage entails.

Step 3 Needs identification

Based on the information that will be received from the couple views about their expectation in getting married, the level of knowledge in the couples will be identified. This will give an insight or become the starting point on the information that will be most relevant to the couples at hand. Areas of strength and areas of weakness will be identified.

Stage 4 Utilization

This involves informing the couples of different marriage situations that are experienced by different couples. At this stage we may get about two different couples who got into marriage early to offer their general experiences on their marriages. The major aim of this is to form the basis of discussion of different experiences that couples encounter in their marriage. This stage will also utilize the needs identified in stage three to help the couples in realization of what they expect after marriage and possible mechanism they can use to solve such challenges. While most couples get into marriage with only positive expectation, challenges may occur and this require then to be equipped with knowledge to handle these challenges. In this stage, aspects such as how to resolve conflicts that may arise will be the most vital aspect


Duncan, S.F. & Goddard, W. (2010). Family Life Education: Principles and Practices for Effective Outreach (Second Edition). SAGE Publications.

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