Essay Sample: The Influence of FIFA 2018 on the Quality of Service offered in Russia

Published: 2022-11-18
Essay Sample: The Influence of FIFA 2018 on the Quality of Service offered in Russia
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Results and Discussion. The study seeks to examine the perception of the football fun and other key stakeholders and individuals on the possible influence of the FIFA 2018 on the service quality in Russia (Absalyamov, 2015). In addition, the examiner seeks to determine the major contribution and the influence of the physical environment to enhance a conducive atmosphere for the world cup games. It also analyzes the major contribution in the major sector of the economy and the financial flow in Russia about various departments.

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The purpose of this research was mainly fulfilled through the primary method of data collection that involved the interview and analysis of the some of the participant's perception based on their feeling and the experience during the world cup tournament. Below were the key results of the four research objectives as presented based on the interview conducted.

Improved Facilities

The Russian government with the support of the FIFA management ensured that thy allocated enough fund that was helpful in the overall renovation process of various facilities (Albekov, Parkhomenko, & Polubotko, 2017). Most of these facilities helped in providing a humble and comfort zone to the visitors and other tourists both from within the Country and the international tourists. The facilities that were improved included the accommodation facilities in which many were advanced to a much higher-levelmost of the hotels that were three stars managed to be at least five stars with the improved services (Allison, & Tomlinson, 2017). Besides, some of the funds were helpful in renovating and upgrading the local infrastructures such as the stadium and the transport sector (Andrades&Dimanche, 2017). Most of the roads and airport facilities received modern modification to help in enhancing the comfort to the visitors who were coming from all over the world.

Regarding security, the government helped in the intensification of its security system to help in enhancing a peaceful environment to avoid possible attempts by the terrorist groups to attempt the attack (Baumann & Matheson, 2013). The lighting system was at the optimum in many places within the Russian government. Enough light was necessary to help in security escalation in almost every part of the country (Duran, Guajardo, &Saure, 2017). It was important that the visitors to receive the most favorable services within their expectations for the entire period they could be there in Russia.

Following the interview with the first respondent, the hotel remains the essential facility that a person would consider while travelling. It is through the service that a person gets from the hotel that will make them more comfortable for the entire stay at a place. It is important that the management to enhance comfort in a hotel to enhance the customer's level of experience and initial expectation based on the nature of service that they should receive (Dsalyamov, 2013). The interviewee affirms that most of the hotels and other important accommodation facilities were full in advance as many individuals were travelling with their families, relatives, and even close friends to experience the same pleasure over there in Russia (Giampiccoli, Lee, & Nauright, 2015). In addition, due to high population, the demand of such facilities rose to a higher level an incident that also made the prices of accommodation and other important facilities and services to hike than the normal rate, as it should be under the normal condition (Giulianotti, & Robertson, 2012).

Following the increased number of the visitors who were coming to watch the FIFA2018, it many of the investors also came up with one-season hotel facilities to help in accommodating and enhancing efficient service delivery to the customers all over the world who were coming to watch the football (Gorokhov, 2015). Airbnb remains one of the safest places to stay especially when the management or the hotel owner prefers staying close to the visitors and learning to know more about them and their ways of lifestyle (Gruneau, & Horne, Eds.). (2015). It ensures that visitors get the best of treatment services that they deserve as they have a better environment around them with quality service in their lives.

Following the analysis of the above two interviews, it was obvious that accommodation and hotel services remain the most especial aspect that the visitors would prefer as the number one priorities. Many people feared not to secure hotels and accommodation places for themselves based on the nature of the sporting event and the associated prevailing condition and atmosphere (Horne, 2015). To be on the much safer side, it was important that the visitors who were clever enough to make the necessary arrangement on their accommodation issues.

"Hotel is the first immediate thought a person would get when considering the topic of travelling. This sector got fully booked very early before the event"Interviewee (1) (06.07.2019) Due to the high demand, the prices increased, becoming much higher than usual (Knott, Fyall, & Jones, 2013). The high demand also meant that more one-time occasion hotels were built, increasing the number of places to stay for visitors. Airbnb is a cheaper and easier option than a hotel when booking a stay at a designated destination. This platform allows owners to interact directly with customers. It is also very convenient when a group of people is travelling . This is a relatively new industry for Russia, and the World Cup allowed it to gain wider attention and so many requests.

"Rentals are another sector that is more convenient for groups of three people and more. Russian citizens used this as an opportunity to move out of their own homes and rent it out. The high demand allowed citizens to double the prices and so, increase their income" Interviewee (1) (06.07.2019)

It though provoked extremely high expenses, demand, and competition for visitors, making their organization process much harder, and so affecting it negatively. Having mentioned the high demand a few times previously, it is important to explore on the way it affected the capital of Russia. The crowding that occurred on the main places in Moscow and all over the country attracted a lot of attention, and so media.

"FIFA is one of the most renowned events worldwide. It attracts millions of people both personally and remotely every four years. The number of people that arrived at the country to feel like a part of such a massive community was very high, affecting Russian tourism positively" Interviewee (2) (06.07.2019).

After analysis of the interview regarding the nature and the condition and the need for the hotel facilities, it is important to note that the government did collect enough revenue for the hotel and tourism sector based on the level of taxes that the government was able to collect during that period (Makarychev, &Yatsyk, 2015). Before a person can travel, the first and the most important issue to consider by both interviewees are hotel and accommodation. A person cannot survive in such an environment without necessarily having proper accommodations and hotel services, and that was the major reason why most of the hotels were full in the first week even before the actual day of the tournament. Through improved facilities, clients will be able to receive the maximum satisfaction that they need from the service that they get from their hosts. Additionally, FIFA world cup remains one of the most famous tournament with huge support around the globe, and that was the main reason why hotel facilities remained the most common issue in Russia. The number of the attendant was always high, and many people were coming on a daily basis until the last day of the final that took place between France and Croatia.

Spatial Layout and the Design Functionality and Symbols

The interviewees demonstrated the essential importance of accommodations and hotel facilities in such an event. Based on their experience, it was important that a person should find it necessary to book a hotel room early enough to avoid hiking of the price and even failing to get at all. Besides, through efficient service that hotels offer to their clients, such clients find the reason to come again and after that to enjoy the same facilities (Scharfenort, 2012). It is important to note that most of the customers would fail to revisit a hotel facility that they did not receive better services and treatment as per their expectation. The interviewees affirmed that the main reason why people visited Russia was specifically for the entertainment by cheering their team and nothing else. The experience by many people was so positive given that most of the individuals had a better time to enjoy for themselves including their family members.

"Referencing a large number of visitors, airports were overcrowded, having millions of people flying over from multiple destinations. Even though the airport's organization departments tried to minimize the waiting periods and structure the queue flow as efficient as possible, the effect was not as satisfactory as expected, hence making the quality of the service lower" Interviewee (2) (06.07.2019.)Hotels were also overcrowded, making it harder for visitors to find a place to stay". Congestion was generally in almost part of the country of the host including at the major airports and other important key destination areas of high interest.

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