Research Translation Assignment on Academic Literature, Free Paper

Published: 2022-04-25
Research Translation Assignment on Academic Literature, Free Paper
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Organizational control of the employees has a direct impact on the employee's job performance. Human resource practices also play a role in the employee's corporate performance. The organizational management should be based on bureaucratic controls rather than the control-oriented performance. Organizational managers lack interest in control practices and argue that the management of the organizational performance can be standardized to accomplish the goals of the organization. As a result, organizations have had a task of tightening the control processes to increase the employees' performance and the outcomes of the organization. The managers have to incorporate trust and performance of the employees in the control process.

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Indeed, the organization should have trust in its employees to boost the positive performance of the staff. When an organization has faith in its employees, they show greater cooperation and commitment to it. As a result, the trust improves the performance of the employees and the overall outcome of the organization. The level of control that organization puts in place determines the trust in the employees. The fairness and reliability in the control practices help the employees have confidence in the organization and believe that the organization can deliver.

Also, there are different control target set by the managers that focus on the attainment of the organizational goals. The control targets may be based on the rules set by the organization or on the norms enacted by the employees. The control targets aim at providing the employees with performance standard information that motivates effective performance in the employees. Also, organizational control acts a building block for feedback in an organization. It also creates a learning environment for the employees. Consequently, the employees understand their roles and what the organization expects. Hence, there is coordination and cooperation among the employees. It is through these organizational control processes that the employees' performance is affected positively.

In turn, trust in the organization brings the social exchange between the employer and the employees. As a result, it manifests the organizational ability to affect the employees' performance as well as to engage them in the behavioral roles such as citizenship. The output control measures which deals with the organizational outcome and monitoring whether the organizational goals are being met have an impact on the organizational trust. The rewards and the control of goal attainment give the clarity that enhances the employees' trust. As the employees gain the trust, they can manage their performance to meet the organizational goals. The organizational output control management also provides feedback that strength the trust the employees have in the organization. Therefore, the employees maximize their effectiveness in supporting the organization to gain its set targets. The transparency and reliability in an organization also enhance the trust increasing the willingness of the employees to contribute to the organizational tasks.

In conclusion, the organizational control is fruitful to both the employees and the organization. It makes the employees have full focus on the tasks of the organization. The organization control promotes support to the employees hence increasing the trust and the performance of the employees. The organizational control practices and trust goes hand in hand. When the manager combines the two, there is a high commitment to the employees. It is evident that the control practices motivate the employees to perform well and also trust the organization and its managers.

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