Free Essay. Colonialism Discourse and Orientalism Discourse

Published: 2023-04-05
Free Essay. Colonialism Discourse and Orientalism Discourse
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Colonialism discourse covers a set of opinions, declaration, and narratives that focus on individuals who are colonized labeled by the viewpoint of European colonizers. Orientalism explains the excess description of variations and presumptions of the superiority of Western society and the integration of designed analytical structures for viewing an oriental world. The orientalism discourse is the origin of cultural representations that is inaccurate forming the basis of the Western perception and thoughts associated with the Eastern world especially the Middle East Region. The cultural representations demonstrate an orient individual is inferior to the native informant, where knowledge occurs through contemporary ideas influenced by Western culture.

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Similarities or Differences Between the Discourse

The colonial and orientalism discourse indicates the strengths of the colonists and how the native individuals are weaker. They express how the native view the settler and the authoritative nature of the colonist.

The colonial discourse explains a colonial society separated in compartments. The separating line gets indicated by police stations and barracks, where the soldier and policeman are the officials who speak for the settlers on the oppression rule (Fanon 38). They act as the government agents maintain communication with the natives while giving them advice on their roles in the colonialism scheme.

Orientalism tries to depict the cultures as exotic, foreign, and unique show how the Arab community was disregarded in Britain. Orientalism focuses on imperialism and explaining the political ideas of middle east politics. Orientalism explains social order symbolism in waving flags, military parades, barracks and police which is supposed to tame the natives to live in fear of the strength of the settlers (Said 53).

Work of Fanon and Said

Frantz Fanon's discussion on The Wretched Of The Earth focused on national renaissance, liberation and nationhood liberation of people associated with violence with the postwar movement on decolonization. Concerning violence, decolonization occurs in areas with several intellectuals who focus on fighting the settlers for the natives to live again in a better society. The tale of violent actions restores the native individuals their lands and humanity. The colonists teach the colonized people of their lack of value as humans using violence. His critical component in Orientalism is the idea of cultural strengths associated with control and domination.

Edward Said focused on the scope of orientalism in Arabic society. The colonial and imperialized Western enterprises facilitated the regimes that collaborated with Europeanized Arab elites having internalized the romanticized and fictional Arabic culture representation. The knowledge of Orientals from Egypt on the vindication of Western imperialism to become the glory of English power and knowledge. Various scholars spoke about Orientals especially in the Middle East focusing on the Arabs. Mentioning a few, the Balfour hypothesis on the Orientals focuses on the objective universality of Orientals (Said 36). Also, Cromer asserted the future of Egypt depends in narrow nationalism direction embraced by the native Egyptians opposing Egyptian nationalism (Said 37).

Concept of Racialization

Racialization in describing the image of a black man and the Arab concerning their attributes of the native. The native is majorly alert, overpowered, disregarded with the muscles tensed. The racialized society of the black and Arab gets oppressed with social order symbols which strengthen the colonial system. The colonial community explains the emotional sensitivity in the skin surface of the natives like a wound that opens up if stimulated (Fanon 56).

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