Students' Leadership Essay Examples

Published: 2018-05-10
Students' Leadership Essay Examples
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Student success initiative

Student leadership, within a learning institution, can be thought of as the initiative taken up by a student to organize and direct other like-minded students to realizing a common goal or accomplishing a universal task. Leadership is an art as well as a science. The student leader needs to have the ability to motivate and inspire his fellow comrades into focusing on a particular task, guide them to following up the idea to completion and at the same time encouraging them to engage their creative minds in order to further improve ideas and make the objectives clearer.

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Leadership at this young age is not as easy as it would appear during advanced stages of life. Firstly, the aspiring student leader does not have any lead or advantage over the others. This means that he/she has to be ready to fight challenging situations as competition is also most likely of the same caliber. Criticism is also a common factor to deal with. Finances to run campaigns and to organize numerous meetings is a factor that depresses the student leaders as many are not financially stable at this age. Time management too is another crucial balance that the aspirant needs to be able to strike to avoid limiting study time.

All these factors that affect the student leader are also the points that can shape one to being the top candidate both at school and in life after school. The ability to build good relationships with students, tutors and other staff allied to the school is shaped at this early stage. Communication skills are also sharpened. This enables the leader to acquire strong interpersonal skills, decision making abilities and strategic planning and management of resources. Even in the future after schooling, the successful student leaders are seen to achieve tasks more effectively and to bear more risk management and organizational skills, as compared to most other students of the same schooling period.

Future student leaders are also seen to be more successful in their careers and professions. This is due to the widespread knowledge that they acquired through their tutorials, campaigns and community development measures that were undertaken continuously during their leadership trials earlier in their schooling days. It’s no surprise to find that most of these student leaders end up becoming great leaders in the nations many years after school. Their team building and organizational skills are carried into the future of their careers.

Another advantage to the careers of the student leaders is that their social status gets shaped at that very age. As such, the members of the small communities that they have formed and nurtured over the years find it easier to continually support their leaders even in other endeavors in life. Whether in businesses, governance or other social leadership positions like church leaders, public speakers or political arenas, the student leaders always have a smoother start as they are still well recognized by their earlier school comrades. The successful ones are easier to trust in future than any stranger who starts their career at a later age.

Student Leadership: Does It Help a Person’s future career?


A student leader is described as any student that assumes the responsibility for leading other students in the learning intuition. He or she is responsible for passing information and knowledge to the other students. A student leader like any other leader has to pose leadership skills such as integrity, confidence, accountability, and transparency. A student leader motivates the other students via inspirational talks, campaigns and tutorials. He or she must be engaged in the social welfare of the students and represent the students to the administration. Moreover, the ultimate goal of a student leader is to bring change to the world starting right there in their society. A student leader can thus assume duties of their, hometown, communities, nation and even international responsibilities.


Student leadership plays a critical role in molding one’s future career. To start with, the student gains confidence. The process of choosing and voting for a student leader normally involves a lot of campaigning. The student to be voted for has to demonstrate confidence in what he stands for and empower others. Gaining confidence also comes through the formation of on-campus clubs, writing articles in the school’s magazine, planning sports activities and orienting new students around the school.

Moreover, student leadership is critical in developing good communication skills. Every career today requires some bit of public speaking. The student leader develops public speaking skills through articulating his manifesto to the rest of the students. Besides, speaking during school occasions, mentoring new students or broadcasting in the school’s radio assist student’s leaders to learn communication skills. Articulating the company’s goals properly and mission is what employers want. In this sense, persuasive skills and diplomacy skills are needed in almost every career.

Assuming responsibility for others is also a plus in developing student leader career. When they enter the career market, these student leaders can demonstrate a sense of responsibility to the organization. Leaders in organizations ensure the task is completed in time and each employee is performing at his or her best. Additionally, student leadership helps students to learn how to network and collaborate with other people. The student is thus privileged to form networks with the school administrators, inter-campus leaders, and partners of the school. The relationships build between the student leader, and the high profile persons generate useful professional contacts.

Besides, student leadership helps students to acquire conflict solving skills through solving student-student disputes or student-administration conflicts. Creativity is thus required to generate the most effective solution to end the problem. These leadership experiences will help the student become able to multitask and strike a balance in his career as well as other life responsibilities. Besides, the students can add the leadership experiences in their resumes.


Student leadership is useful in developing and enhancing the student’s future career. Through leading other students, the student leader learns how to network, manage, communicate, solve problems and improve the resume. Students should, therefore, be encouraged to take leadership roles in their intuitions as this forms a platform for personal growth and prepares them for future responsibilities.

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