Company Management Essay Sample

Published: 2018-09-10
Company Management Essay Sample
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Question One: CEOs of the prominent companies

Current CEO of Apple

The current CEO is Tim Cook who was born on November 1st, 1960, and he is an industrial engineer and also a developer. He is the 7th CEO currently serving in Apple, and he also worked under Steve Jobs. He has been with Apple since 1998 where he was the vice president and then he was the Executive Vice President in n2011. He is the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to accept that he gay and serving as the on the Nike Inc. boards of directors and also the National Football Foundation. He is known to be a risk taker, he is a good listener, and he values diversity. These are the skills that have made him successful, and this is the reason he has continuously implemented new changes in Apple (LĂĽsted, 2012).

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Muhtar Kent born in 1952 is a Turkish businessman who is the current CEO of the Coca-Cola Company since 2008. He was born in the New York City, and after completing high school, he joined the University of Hill where he attained the MBA degree Business School. Muhtar was not directly appointed as a CEO, between 1978 and 1999 he served as the general manager in Central Asia. Between 1999 and 2005 he left Coca-Cola and went back to Turkey where he became the president of Efes Beverage Group which is the biggest shareholder of Coca Cola and also the largest in Europe (Isdell, 2011). He joined Coca-Cola after six years when he was chosen as the chief operating and on 23rd of April 2009 he was selected to be the CEO of Apple. He is also recognized in his life for diversity and commitment in attaining goals, and this is the reason he has managed to take the company to the next level. The concept of diversity has helped him accommodate the changes occurring in the organization.

The Dell Company CEO

The CEO is Michael Saul Dell who was born on the 23rd of February in the Unites States. He is an investor, an author, a philanthropist and also a business man and he is also the co-founder of Dell Inc. Saul is the 41st among the richest individuals in the world according to the Forbes list of billionaires with a net worth of $20 billion. He has also invested in many other companies such as the MSD capital, the Dell initials and many other corporations that are doing well on the global table. Michael Saul Dell is a leader, businessman, and an entrepreneur and this has given him the ability to identify all the missing units in the society, in the long run, it has resulted in the growth of the company (Asefeso, 2011). The skills have also enabled him to implement different and upgrade the computers, enhancing the reputation of the company on the global level.

Question Two: Decision-making in organizations

Decision-making is an important factor in any organization, and this is because the managers get the chance to make decisions that will affect the company shortly. However, when making decisions, there are several factors that affect this process, and it is the role of the managers to identify these factors and implement the possible ways of dealing with the elements. The factors that affect the process of decision making are both internal and external such as the social, cultural factors, the political factors, the economic factors and many others. Industries are also affected when it comes to decision making, and the industry that is affected mostly in this situation is the hospitality and tourism industry.

The changes in technology have a significant impact when it comes to the process of decision making in the hospitality and tourism industry. This is because the managers should consider the changes in technology before making any step regarding decision making. Apparently, the use of computers in the hospitality and tourism industry is categorized according to operational, the guest services and management of information. The functionality of this application in the industry enhances service delivery by making sure everything is as expected. Thus, when making decisions, the managers are forced to access all the technology that is available in the industry and the changes that should be done to enhance the operations so that everything will be in line. Example, over the past years there is the emergence of online booking that has now become an integral part of the industry. At the moment, people are capable of choosing the hotel they want regardless of the geographical difference. This is affecting the process of making decisions among the managers given that it is not possible to analyze the number of visitors expected.

Politics have also changed the industry regarding decision making. At the beginning of every financial year, managers take the time to come up with the budget that will guide the operation of the industry, and this is determined by the number of visitors expected in a given year. However, with the current changes in the political system, it is hard for the industry to make viable decisions. For instance, the cases of terror attacks have been a challenge to the industry as a result of the reduction in the number of tourists. The moment a nation experiences political instability, the hospitality and tourism industry has always been the first one to face the hit and this end up affecting the general economic growth of a nation.

Question Three: Startup company and its growth

Starting up a company is a good idea, and it may require little capital, but it is important to be prepared for the challenges that may face the growth of the company as it interacts in the global word. For instance, Somnio, a start-up running shoe company in California, decided to start selling its products around the world from the very beginning. Being a startup company, Somnio is expected to encounter the following challenges, but it is the role of the manager to implement the strategies that are suitable for dealing with these problems (Kikan, 2014). One of the biggest challenges that the company is likely to encounter is competition. The fact that the business does not have the barrier to entry, this invites everyone to the firm. Being a startup company, that has not learned how to deal with competition, this is a great challenge that may even result in the entire fall of the company especially when the competition is from the well-established companies.

Rapid growth is also another challenge when the startup company realizes its position in the market; there is the possibility that the demand for the products and the services will skyrocket forcing the company to expand drastically so that it can fill the gap. However, being a startup company with limited capital, growing at a fast rate may be a challenge. There is also the issue of fast paced market as a result of changing technology. Being a small company and with the need to implement different changes to fit in the technological changes is also a challenge, and may distract the projects that are meant for the company (Davila, 2007).

Question Four: Ethics training programs

The ethics training programs educate the employees on how to identify and rectify the ethical issues in an organization. It is believed that most employees are not aware of the ethical practices and the employee's ethical codes and this is important organizations have decided to set up these programs as a way of helping the workers and the reducing the unethical issues that may emerge in an organization (ProQuest, 2008). The training programs enhance ethical behaviors in an organization by educating the employees on the ethical practices of the organization including what they should do and what they should not do. The training also provides strategic mileage and equip the employees with the skills along with the knowledge that helps in anticipating the ethical challenges and highlighting the ethical issues to make sound decisions. The programs also provide the timeline for the thinking about the ethical issues among the employees in a contest of working environments. In the long run, they manage to accept the values of being ethical and the importance this have to the organization`s goals. At the same time, an organization encourages ethical behavior from all levels of employees. This is through insisting on the importance of being ethical and setting up the code of ethics that the employees should observe. Thus, when one of the employees goes against the code, the organization may use other ways to punish such individuals (Bouyssou, 2013).

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