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Published: 2019-10-07 07:30:00
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In 1994, the AACN Board of Directors developed the essential elements of nursing, in the nursing Masters education. The elements would act as the fundamental components of all advanced practice roles in nursing. According to the AACN Board of Directors, such practices must be incorporated in the advanced nursing education, and enforced by nurses in their nursing practice after their Masters in Nursing Education CITATION AAC11 \l 1033 (AACN, 2011). This essay is a discussion of how I will use the AACN Essentials for my future graduate course work as well as how I will the AACN concepts attained in my future learning practice.

How I Will Use the AACN Essentials for My Future Graduate Course Work

When undertaking my graduate coursework, I will be in a position to use AACN essentials in interpreting a wide array of published nursing research materials. These will be essential in building my comprehension on various nursing skills, knowledge and concepts that essential in the nursing profession. The AACN Essentials will also aid me in analyzing various data attained from relevant nursing sources. This provides information that can be used during the delivery of professional nursing care to patients CITATION AAC11 \l 1033 (AACN, 2011). Ultimately, I will be in a position to understand all the AACN Essentials, which are applicable to the Masters Education in Nursing degree program.

How I Will Use the AACN Concepts Learned in the Course in My Future Learning Practice

By using the AACN roles in my future nursing practice, I will be in a position to assess the various nursing roles delegated to me in a health care clinical setting, as a masters prepared nurse. I will also be in a position to integrate the professional nursing values, accountability and services when planning for my personal and intellectual goals in nursing. In addition, I will use the AACN essentials when planning for my nursing careers professional development. Ultimately, I will be in a position to demonstrate an effective technological, written as well as verbal communication standards during the course of my practice, especially when transferring knowledge on the issues affecting the nursing profession.


In conclusion, I have learned much about AACN essentials during this course. The essentials will aid me in interpreting published research materials. It will also allow me to interpret nursing information data from relevant sources. This knowledge in nursing will also aid me in understanding all the necessary AACN essentials, required in the Masters Nursing Degree. In my future nursing practice, I will be in a position to integrate professional nursing values, accountability standards and services when formulating personal and intellectual goals in the nursing career.


BIBLIOGRAPHY AACN. (2011, March 21). The Essentials of Masters Education in Nursing. American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 1-64. Retrieved June 21, 2016, from http://www.aacn.nche.edu/education-resources/MastersEssentials11.pdf


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