Free Essay Dedicated to Managing Diversity in a Global Workplace

Published: 2022-07-20
Free Essay Dedicated to Managing Diversity in a Global Workplace
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What do you think is the most significant demographic change in the global workplace?

Demography refers to the statistics of the composition of the human population (Le, 207). It may, therefore, cover births, deaths, income, disease incidence, employment rates among others. Today, the most significant global demographic change at the workplace is the working population. There is a severe reduction in the working population particularly in the developed countries. This is because of the current trend of which world's working population is continually going home due to old age, retirement, disease and reduced productivity.

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What is the importance of diversity in a global organization?

Diversification refers to the process of acquiring more services from different persons, processes and general knowledge. Today, diversity has been known to helps entrepreneurs to intelligently transfer some of their business risks simply by simply insuring their businesses. (Lee 185). Again, diversification means that a company engages in more than one enterprise hence one can build a very strong and stable brand. Diversity in global organizations will assist them to improved creativity and problem-solving. Creativity is enhanced when people are in a free world and are committed to trying out things. Besides; diversity enhances competition as no entity is limited to trying out other alternatives in case they work for you.

Strengths of the business case for diversity

Diversification in business is highly justifiable as it has so many commercial reasons. Diversity reduces the chances of business failure. When one business fails, the other one picks easily. In this case, not all pennies would be lost like in these leaders and activism

Weaknesses of the business case for diversity

However much it is highly anticipated to have positivity, a lot of negativity is also involved. Diversity, for instance, reduces commitment to a single project. This divided attention may result into underperformance of the main business.

Managerial and Perspective Diversity.

Managerial diversity focuses much on what else is going to be done basing the decisions on proven results. It, therefore, focuses on what to be done and why. This suggests that the management should allocate just enough and are dependent on each other. Decisions depend on one's ability, flexibility, and self-awareness. .

Diversity & Inclusion Management and Training in a global organization

No. I don't agree since Management Training is part and parcel of human resources. Training and managing of employees normally belong to the training by Human Resource Management. Diversity & Inclusion efforts in a global organization should, therefore, be led by key Human Resource Managers (Lee, 226).

In conclusion, demography largely affects businesses today. For businesses to stand tall and prosperous, special attention is required on the population behaviors not only at the workplace but also elsewhere. Again, business diversity largely affects its prosperity and hence future.

Work cited.

Le Prestre, Philippe G. Governing global biodiversity: The evolution and implementation of the convention on biological diversity. Routledge, 2017.

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