Free Essay Sample: The Human Rights of a Citizen

Published: 2019-05-16
Free Essay Sample: The Human Rights of a Citizen
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The human rights of a citizen have some limits according to circumstances. According to the Canadian laws, there are some instances with which an officer can deprive a citizen the right to life. Michael Brelo, a police officer who allegedly caused the death of two citizens after shooting several bullets to them while standing on the hood of the car, is a victim of these laws. The Canadian laws section 34 to 37 states that when one is in a situation that will cause his or her death and the only solution to get away from the danger is by killing the opponent then the murder will be justified. The police officer claims that he was in danger thus fired the victims car for the matters of protection and self-defense.

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The case at hand is about cops who shoot a car with two citizens, William, and Russell, 47 times while standing on the hood of the car. The two victims were found dead and as the filing of the case not only Michael Brelo, the police officer, but also other traffic police officers were involved in the shooting summing to a total of 147 bullets shot at the car. The accused police officer thus, is proven not guilty as there is no evidence that shows that his bullets were the exact ones that killed the two victims.

According to the laws guarding the criminal procedure, defense and police investigation in Canada, a person is pleaded guilty only if there is sufficient evidence that proves that this alleged person indeed was the committee of the crime. In the case of Michael Brelo, there is no enough evidence or forensic reports showing that the bullets from his shots are the one that killed the two victims. This law thus pleads him not guilty. For a fair and just judgement to the complainant, all the police officers who were involved in this scenario should be brought to justice for all of them participated in the shooting meaning that all of them are guilty. According to the laws of self-defense and protection sections 34 to 37, one is only given the privilege to take away someones right and freedom to life when it is the last option to the getaway. These police officers thus are guilty according to this law as they had other alternatives of handling the scene. These rules also states that when a group of people is involved in a murder case or manslaughter and the court cannot prove the exact person who was lead to the killing then the whole group is pleaded guilty. In such circumstances, judging of a single member of the group is considered unjust. Thus according to this case, it is just to judge all the police officers who were involved in the scene.

For the matters of the public peace, the judgment should also consider the courses that lead to the shooting of the victims. The two victims ungauged the traffic police officers in a twenty minutes pursuit with 60 police cars. It is also lawfully wrong for the citizen to involve a police officer in a pursuit as t can lead to accidents and other dangerous result it is legally right for the person to surrender to the police this thus also proofs the two victims guilty (AF Williams, BC Tefft and JG Grabowski, 2012). According to this case, thus all the police officers should be brought to the trial and face the judgment. This will lead to a peaceful outcome as the citizen will see some sense of justice in the interpretation. Thus, the riots will not be an outcome of the case.

It is therefore just to conclude that the department of the police in Canada is not right and does not consider the rights of the citizens. Alongside this case, there are also other instances where a child was killed while holding a toy gun by a police officer. This shows that this department takes very little consideration of the human life. It is thus recommended for the transition and the better training of the police officers.


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