Free Essay on the Recent Journal Article on Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

Published: 2019-07-19
Free Essay on the Recent Journal Article on Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing
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The journal article discusses some of the ethical dilemmas that lead nurses are faced with on a daily basis. A lead nurse will often find themselves in a position whereby they have to make ethical decisions that will affect both the patients and their families. One such instance has been mentioned in the paper. In the instance, the lead nurse has realized that one of the patients has one of their family members staying in and sleeping by the bed side all night (Zydziunaite, Lepaite, & Suominen, 2013). While this seems to be innocent, the event is in direct contradiction to the rules and regulations of the hospital. The junior nurses realize that the patient may have a very short time to live, and have therefore been compassionate enough to let patients wife stay. Since the patient is in a room for those recovering from major operations, they have equipped the wife in protective clothing that would make her sterile. Even with these considerations in mind, the lead nurse has had to revoke this access and punish those involved.

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The ethical dilemma facing the lead nurse is that the revocation of access means that the nurse will probably be denying the wife a chance to be with her husband. This may seem humane; however, the situation is different. The patient is in a collective recovery room. This means that maintaining environmental cleanliness is crucial to the patients recovery. Therefore, the presence of the wife in the room is also endangering the patients life. The rules and regulations f the hospital also do not allow such individuals in the recovery room (Zydziunaite, Lepaite, & Suominen, 2013). The fact that other patients are in the room also makes it an unethical choice to endanger their lives so that one person can have a chance to be with their loved one. Therefore, the dilemma involves the choices of the lead nurse following the hospital rules or making an exception for a wife who seemingly might lose her husband.

The different choices that the lead nurse will make have an impact on different stakeholders as well as the general public. The stakeholders are the patient, the wife, and the junior nurses who allowed the wife to be with her husband. The choice of letting the wife stay will provide the wife with comfort as this is what she really wants. However, it will endanger the lives of the other patients in the room. It will also endanger the life of her husband. The general public will definitely raise an issue about this situation as the provision of special treatment for one person over other is totally uncalled for (Zydziunaite, Lepaite, & Suominen, 2013). Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure that choice that the lead nurse makes takes into consideration all those involved. If the lead nurse kicks the wife out of the room, she might seem insensitive to her juniors. If such a situation would get to the public limelight, the general notion would be that the lead nurse leads with an iron fist and lacks empathy towards the families of patients. This would generally result in the drop of patient inflow into the hospital. This situation would also warp the relationship between the lead nurse and her juniors.

Some of the ethical principles that the lead nurse should take into consideration in the making of a decision include honesty, trustworthiness, law abidingness, leadership, and reputation. The lead nurse will also need to be accountable while being respectful of those she will influence via her decision. Therefore, in the spirit of trying to restore order, the lead nurse decides to transfer the patient in question to an empty room whereby the wife can have some last moment with her husband. By following up with this decision, she has provided all those involved with a relief (Zydziunaite, Lepaite, & Suominen, 2013). The junior nurses will continue to be loyal to the lead nurse. The lead nurse will also have exercised her ability to be trusted. The rules and regulations of the hospital have been observed to the letter. However, it has required that the lead nurse incorporate a decision that is all round and out of the box. The solution has also increased the level of loyalty that the junior staff have in their leader. This will be an important point whenever the lead nurse will require galvanizing them in obtaining a new goal.

An analysis of the decision making process that has brought about the transfer of the patient to another room clearly depicts the lead nurse as being wise and honest. The decision is all encompassing and therefore effective. However, one should recommend that the junior nurses report such a matter to the lead nurse whenever such an issues is discovered. The reasoning behind this way of addressing the problem is that the solution could have been identified without having to endanger the lives of other patients in the processes (Zydziunaite, Lepaite, & Suominen, 2013). Therefore, the lead nurse is recommended to maintain this momentum without breaking the trust of those that she leads. This means that she needs not reprimand the junior nurses that let the wife to be with her husband. Reprimanding the nurse in question would only serve to demoralize the other nurses as well as the nurses in question.

Case Study

Steve Jobs has been considered to be one of the most phenomenal ingenious leaders of his time. However, he has been involved in his fair share of ethical issues that have resulted in many loving him and hating him in fair share. One such ethical issue came about on several instances whereby he has to choose one project over another (Guzman, 2015). Steve had the tendency of having rival groups work on different projects that would be used in the development of the different technological advancements that he envisioned for the company. However, not all projects ever saw the light of day. Thos who did not please Jobs would often be at the end of his rants of anger and frustration. Despite the tough handedness of Steve Jobs, many supported his decisions and therefore his ability to see beyond the ideas and methods applied by those under him. However, it can be pointed out that some of his strategies served to limit the potential of his employees as well as demoralize those who were not as tough as he was.

The ethical dilemma that Steve faced was that of having to choose between the different projects without providing the notion that some teams were better than other. This is an ethical situation as the teams were originally not in the know that they are competing against one another. Steve often created such situations so that the individual teams would have all the comfort they needed in the development of the results that they expected (Guzman, 2015). Steve would select the best three projects and analyze these projects with the help of senior management with the hope of coming up with results that would ensure that the company was achieving its objectives. The dilemma is one that may see Steve make some of the best decisions in his tenure as the CEO at Apple or some of the worst decisions. The decisions that Steve makes will be a crucial turning point for those involved in the development of the projects as well as the public.

The effect of the decisions that Steve makes will be influential to several stake holders. These stake holders include the valuable employees involved in the development of the ideas and thus the technological advancement that is used in the production of the companys products. The other major stakeholders are the public. The public is in such a position that the selection of one project over the other may in effect deny them several other possibilities that would have allowed them to enjoy different aspects of the new product (Guzman, 2015). The shareholders of the company are also going to be affected by the decisions that Steve decides to adopt. This is because the decisions that Steve made with regards to the selection of the different projects either have a positive or negative effect on the companys performance in the stock market. Therefore, it is crucial to identify that the best plans and therefore decisions adopted by Steve would be crucial in determining the effectiveness of the project.

The application of ethical principles was not essentially seen to be applied by Steve. Steve was known to be a leader who made decisions that largely depended on his wits. This meant that he did not care who would be affected by the end result. What Steve wanted was to see the results he wished for being obtained on an instance (Guzman, 2015). As a result of this approach in leadership, it was found that Steve would often lack in humility, and was also not concerned in others. He was only concerned in the image of the company. Steve was also lacking in the charismatic leadership that would ensure that the company factored in all the stakeholders. This is the reason he resulted in providing the management of the company to other individuals while he focused on the development of technological projects. Steve was also lacking in honesty and loyalty. E would mislead his teams into thinking that their projects was the most important only to have their projects miss entirely from the companys final product.

Despite the negative perception depicted by the analysis of the application of the ethical principles by Steve, all his employees agreed that Steve was monomaniacal. He in essence had a tunnel vision with regards to the targets and goals that he envisioned for his company. Steve was always of the ideology that he could do anything within his power to ensure that the company continued to accrue profits by providing the best product in the market (Guzman, 2015). Assessing how Steve handled this issue it is clear to see that the intensions were purely selfish, though it resulted in the proper remuneration of all those involved in the process. While Steve was not one to think about the emotional influence of the decisions he made to his juniors, he was apt in ensuring that each employee was remunerated appropriately.

The idea that Steve had in developing the best project was a noble one. However, having to choose one project and trash another or shelve the rest was ethically daunting as it put Steve in a position of the loss of loyalty from his juniors (Guzman, 2015). The lack of comfort from the employees who were working for Steve would often place them under undue pressure. It would also put the employees in a position whereby they would have to think about the importance of their job within the company. To ensure that the employees are providing the company with the best of their services, Steve would have to be honest with the employees about the competition regarding the projects at hand. That way, there would be little or no discontentment if ones project was not accepted into the overall implementations stage.

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Some of the key ethical issues that face the public sector on a global stage include discretion, secrecy, and policy dilemmas. The case in question regards to a situation whereby an administrator has conclusively determined that one of his juniors is leaking information to the publications with regards to several irregularities that are taking place within his docket (Liou, 2012). Handling this issue will require delicacy and the application of the ethical principles if the solution will be all inclusive. The employee in question is under the perception that if he addresses the irregularities head on, his position in the administrative office would be placed in jeopardy (Liou, 2012). The manager is in a dilemma whether to reprimand the junior official or address the proposed problems that have circus in question.

The affected stakeholders include the manager, the junior official, and the implicated employees. The public too has a vested interested in thi...

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