Essay Sample on the History of Abraham Lincoln

Published: 2023-04-18
Essay Sample on the History of Abraham Lincoln
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Abraham Lincoln, also commonly known as the Great Emancipator or the Rail Splitter was born in 12th February 1809 in a small village near Hodgenville in Kentucky, US (Clack, 2008). Although he came from a very humble background, Lincoln worked extra hard in his life and he rose to become the 16th president of the United States. His presidential tenure started in 1861 and ended in 1865 (Current, 2020). Lincoln is one of the most popular presidents that the US has ever had. His popularity arose from his distinctively humane personality, which he showed during his tenure as the US president. He was always there to help those who needed his help and played a very crucial role in the emancipation of the slaves (Current, 2020). Lincoln is also remembered as one of the great US presidents who really respected democracy and fought hard to make sure democratic leadership was exercised in the county. Abraham Lincoln died in 15th April 1865 at Washington DC after being shot on the head by one of the famous stage actors of that time by the name John Wilkes Booth.

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Why Abraham Lincoln is Important to social work

Abraham Lincoln is important to social work as he played many crucial roles that helped to improve the working conditions and the entire social lives of many US citizens. As an ordinary person and as the president of the US, Lincoln respected all the people and their rights and was always advocating for comfortable working conditions and other conducive living conditions that could make sure all the people are happy and comfortable in their lives.

The contributions to social work that Abraham Lincoln made

Lincoln's contributions to social work were many, and these contributions had some positive impacts on the social lives of many Americans. Firstly, Abraham Lincoln is remembered for the great role that he played in the abolition of slavery in 1864 (Jaso, 2017). The abolishment of slavery happened in June 1864 when Abraham Lincoln allowed the US Constitution to be amended to abolish slavery and involuntary servitude except for the cases of punishment due to crime. In this case, Abraham Lincoln contributed to social work by delivering many slaves, who are social workers, from slavery. Also, Abraham Lincoln played a significant role to ensure that democracy was respected, and all the leaders were democratic in their roles of leading and representing the citizens. In this case, Lincoln contributed to social work in the sense that he fought for democracy that ensures that the rights of all social workers were respected and valued. In Lincoln's governance, social workers were respected and valued, and no leader was allowed to abuse his/her powers when dealing with social workers regardless of his/her leadership position. The discussed contributions (abolishing slavery and advocating for democratic leadership where social workers were valued and respected) were some of the major contributions of Abraham Lincoln's contributions to social work.

Why I choose to write about Abraham Lincoln

I choose to write about Abraham Lincoln since I admire his personality and the kind of leadership that he portrayed. Despite being a very powerful president, Lincoln was very humble, generous, and social. He interacted with all the people regardless of their social classes and helped the people who needed his assistance whenever he was in a position to help. His style of leadership shows how social leaders should always lead other people.


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