Community Health Essay Sample - The Game Changer

Published: 2022-09-09
Community Health Essay Sample - The Game Changer
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Making a change in my community has been one of my primary goals since I was a little child especially on the health factor that adversely affects the people around us either because they cannot afford the healthcare or maybe due to lack of adequate information. I lived in a small town for so many years as a Community Health Worker, and it was at this point in life that I realized that the inadequacy in the life-saving information was a significant factor that boosted unworthy illness among the people and even resulted into unnecessary deaths. Out of 5 children, one child suffered from polio infection and most of the children were malnitrutioned due to lack of the balanced diet, not due to lack food as in many cases around the world (Vander et al., 2009). There was a need to provide adequate and reliable information on the health issues and also to create awareness on the health issues through campaigns and to advocate for the members of the society to be able to access their basic need of efficient health care.

After close monitoring of the region, I knew that I was obliged to make a difference and instill a change in the society. I gradually thought of various development projects that could be applied as a tool for change in society. I knew that I was about to be a game changer. Being that many of the previous had dramatically failed to empower the people in the community, I had to engage in a relatively different strategy to bring a change. The provision adequate information on the health issues and awareness creation on the health issues for the members of the society is worth every effort (Suresh, 2012).

Healthy society is the best gift any organization can ever get (Lubicky, 2009). The community members and I decided to design an educational program on health issues to ensure that the information reached the members of the society on time such as the dates of the various vaccination programs. I had an idea of starting a non-governmental organization but with the support of the society members to make them feel like being part of the whole project in the implementation.

Through the organization, I formulated various program with close consultation with other stakeholders like the community Clinics and the members of the society. The fundamental aim was to disseminate information on health issues.

I had the role of advocating the low-income families to access the health information; for instance, I had to ensure that some of the government's health programs reached the ground and familiar people benefited directly such as the vaccination programs and the free health camps organized. I formulated a technology center whereby the member could effectively communicate their grievances concerning the health factors and action is taken, for example, there was online chat platform and free to call lines found in the centers; therefore, in case of any emergencies, we would communicate that to the health centers that were nearby. This was referred to as the internet-based information system that was meant to serve that society with the relevant information on health matters. I had to change the negative perception of the members who believed that health not got from the hospitals and also created a clear channel for communication.

Moreover, we organized some training programs for the members on how to conduct first aids on the minor problem and how to effectively communicate the issues. Again after every two months, we would organize campaigns to create awareness of the common health problems like polio and malaria and even cooperate with the health professional to train the member of the society on how to prevent the issues.

The society had benefited in various ways from the programs that I initiated. Such benefits achieved were including: the members were gaining more educated ion the importance of taking the children to vaccinations and also on prevention of malaria. The rate of the polio attack for instance, greatly reduced. Nevertheless, the society became exposed and more accessible to many of the health organization and government health promotions. The society amembers had also changed their negative perceptions about visiting the hospitals and were now frequently going or taking their children for check-ups.


The various program helped instilled knowledge on the member through the provision of adequate information and campaigns regarding the health problems like polio, and currently, the parents and caregivers ensure that the children get vaccinated and prevent malaria by keeping their surrounding clean and sleeping under the treated mosquito nets(Lafley and Charan,2008). Adequate access to health information and creation of awareness is inevitable in the public health sector, and the health communication field is gaining much recognition since it helps to change the human attitude and behavior and also provides meaningful input in enhancing and saving lives (Kennedy and Poland, 2011).


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