Impacts of the French Revolution and Industrial Revolutions, Free Essay in History

Published: 2022-02-16
Impacts of the French Revolution and Industrial Revolutions, Free Essay in History
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Do you think that the French Revolution or the Industrial Revolution Has Had More Impact on Modern Life?

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French Revolution

The French Revolution happened in 1789 and aided citizens to overhaul their country's political structure and eliminate traditional institutions such as the feudal and monarch systems (French Revolution, 2019). Notably, King Louis XVI extravagant lifestyle and dysfunctional economic policies fueled citizens' discontent towards his leadership, which led to a revolution that led to France transitioning to a republic and acquiring a constitution and representative government.

The revolution triggered the reduction of absolute global monarchies in favor of liberal governments and republics. Secondly, it triggered the rise of nationalism that encourages devotion and loyalty to state above group or individual interests (Acemoglu, Cantoni, Johnson, & Robinson, 2011). Moreover, the revolution led to the development of ideologies such as liberalism, socialism, democracy, and communism that are utilized by many nations today.

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution happened between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and foresaw many agrarian societies across America and Europe develop to urban and industrial centers. It signified the shift from the cottage industry to powered mass production characterized by the presence of improved machinery and factories (Industrial Revolution, 2019). The development of steam engines, textile and iron industries played primary roles in the revolution leading to the development of other areas such as communication, transportation, and banking.

Technological advancement and urbanizations are the significant impacts of the industrial revolution. Technological progress contributed to the development of a modern era with improved means of transportation, the discovery of internal combustion engines, electricity, and communication methods such as telegraph and telephones (Murofushi & Tavares, 2017). The situation improved the quality of life and led to the establishment of urban towns filled with factories. Other impacts include the rise of capitalism, materialism, and consumerism, and the establishment of the factory system, which are evident in diverse societies.


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