Free Essay - The Highest Possible Recommendation

Published: 2023-08-20
Free Essay - The Highest Possible Recommendation
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It is my pleasure to give the highest possible recommendation for [Applicant's Name] to pursue a master's in business analytics at your institution. I am [Name of the Recommending Officer] and an outstanding student mentor in an online course on data science at boot camp. I have [Years Showing the Mentor's Experience] years of experience working with a wide range of students in this critical online course and have seen many young professionals come and leave. [Applicant's Name] is one of the most outstanding individuals I worked with over the previous years and helped improve her skills in data science.

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[Applicant's Name] learned a wide range of new concepts in data science and applied them in completing a plethora of capstone projects during her online studies at the boot camp. For instance, she completed two different projects that remain crucial in her future success as a data scientist. The first project, product category recommendations, allowed her to gain a wide range of soft skills, which will be crucial in her future studies. Some of these vital skills included effective business communication, strategy formulation and implementation, collaboration, problem framing and problem-solving, consultation, and dashboarding. The second project entailed document summarization using natural language processing, including smart assistants, language translation, search results, predictive text, and email filters. Other common examples of natural language processing mechanisms acquired by [Applicant's Name] included the use of digital phone calls, text analytics, and data analytics.

Also, [Applicant's Name] had an excellent opportunity to learn and acquire a myriad of skills, knowledge, and experience in various topics that I taught through the online boot camp course. The online program focuses primarily on project-based learning to equip students with more in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of business analytics via an active examination of the challenges and problems experienced by various stakeholders in real-world businesses. Such projects are often offered in collaboration with multiple industry partners and cover many business areas, including human resource management, supply chain, marketing, operations, and finance. The online course focused primarily on three pillars of data science studies, including computer science, business strategy, and the concepts of statistics, machine learning, and optimization. Finally, [Applicant's Name] has six years of experience in programming and web application development and is currently working as a top multinational software developer.

However, it is not just [Applicant's Name] technical skills and experience that impress me. She was a joy to work with due to her outstanding positive attitude and eagerness to learn. [Applicant's Name] Collaboration and team-building skills were also crucial in the success of the entire online class. I am, therefore, absolutely confident that she will fit in the USC Marshall MSBA program by bringing the kind of skills and experiences you are looking for in an applicant and serve as an asset to the success of the entire study.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at [Mentor's Mobile Phone Number] or by email at [Mentor's Email Address]. I will be happy to provide more information on my time working with her since recommendation letters tend to give only a snapshot of her talents and achievements.


[Name of the Recommending Officer]


[Name of the Organization]

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