The Notebook Movie Review - Essay Example

Published: 2018-10-24
The Notebook Movie Review - Essay Example
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The film directed by Nick Cassavetes

The film, The Notebook, was a hit film that was released in June 2004. The studio behind this enticing film is New Line Cinema and directed by Nick Cassavetes. As a young couple, the part is played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams while in the old age, it is portrayed by Gena Rowlands and James Garner. As movie character, the boy plays as Noah while the girl is Allie. The Notebook runs for approximately two hours full time. It is rated PG-13 due to the intense romantic scenes that are unsuitable for children under that age. The film revolves around an old man who reads a faded notebook to a fellow elderly lady in a nursing home. The movie follows a trail of the lives of two teenagers from North Carolina who spends an incredible summer holiday together. However, as fate would have it, they are separated by the girl's family who feels that the young man does not belong to their social status. Besides, the young man joins the army and is sent to fight in the World War II. These two actions drive the young couple miles apart though they later reunite.

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Allie hails from a wealthy family that owns a large Mansion in North Carolina where they spend their summer vacation. On the other hand, Noah is a typical boy who works at the local sawmill and earns a rough wage of 50 cents weekly. He is portrayed as poetic, talkative, but humble and respectful. When Noah sees Allie, he falls in love with her and does the craziest thing; he hangs on the bar of a Ferris wheel and tells Allie that if she does not go out with him, he shall let go. She repeatedly agrees to go out with him. However, her parents do not approve of this relationship and call him names and try to convince Allie that he was not right for her. Allie's mom goes ahead and shows her a weary man who was working very hard in the area and confirms to her that he was the love of his life. At this point, Allie gets convinced of one thing; her parents do not love each other.

All this time, Garner is still reading the notebook to Rowlands at the nursing home, and she seems very intrigued by the story. The one problem that Rowlands have is that she has Alzheimer, a memory disorder where a person cannot remember much of what happened or is happening to their lives. The interesting thing is that all this time, he is reading about their lives as teenagers of how they met, fell in love, and were separated before coming together again. However, Rowlands does not have the slightest clue. As Garner continues reading, he tells of how the young man joined the army and was sent to the battlefield during the World War II. He witnesses the death of his best friend in the battlefield. While in the far off lands, Allie gets a new suitor, Lon, who is far good-looking than Noah and also lives a high-class life. Coincidentally, Lon is also a soldier who had been injured in the war. On the other hand, Noah withdraws himself and settles in rotting mansion that he converts into an incredible home that he once believed he would share with Allie once they were married. He has also grown a beard that makes him look different from his before image.

Allie and Lon do the inevitable and plan for a wedding after courting for a while. However, before the wedding happens, Allie reads an article published in the newspaper of how Noah had transformed a falling house into a grand mansion. After reading it, she faints promptly due to shock and disbelieves. Inside the mansion, Noah had created a studio for Allie, yet he knew she was engaged and getting married, but he believed they would have a chance to live together. It seems that Noah had gone a little mad, as Garner would say while reading the notebook. At this point, the two old individuals laugh off to the idea of Noah's madness.

Despite Garner (Noah) reading the story severally to Rowlands (Allie), she cannot grasp the fact that he is her husband. Also, the whole story being read from the notebook is the story of their life. However, due to the Alzheimer condition, the old lady barely remembers anything. The old man (Noah) still holds on to their love and wishes that there would be a flicker of a minute that she would remember him, but that does not happen. Noah even introduces their children to her, but she cannot remember them. As the movie concludes, viewers feel that there should have been a point that Allie remembers who she is and the whole story would turn out as expected. Nonetheless, the latter does not happen, and it seems quite painful were it to be a real story.


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