Essay Example - The Genius Lady

Published: 2023-08-13
Essay Example - The Genius Lady
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Being a victim of one's success is rather a common thing in the current technological age. Based on the rate of global technological advancements, it would prove unwise not to review the filthy rich individuals behind the curtains. There existed a lady with a mind-blowing level of intelligence and wisdom. Her sole purpose in starting her company was driven by the need to challenge the male gender disguised as the need to offer technological solutions in the medical field.

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It took a long period of time to build the company from scratch. But it took a lot of determination and drive to achieve such levels of success. However, there was just one problem, which was the need to prove herself to her father. She was not only a feminist but also a deeply rooted one. She came to believe that the female gender was much more superior to the male gender. Having been brought up in a primarily chauvinistic environment, she aimed to prove to her father that she was better than her brothers. And this she did. Both academically and on the global stage, taking into account the level of influence she had.

The lady became widely known as one with a sharp mind and the sharpest tongue. Yes, she was had a sharp tongue. A tongue that did not hold out on anything. The lady was outspoken and rattled many. This tongue would help her negotiate deals for her company and reap the rewards in billions. She was to become an iron lady if her star would continue to shine. And yes, she did, but not for long.

It was a rather unfortunate tragedy when it was found that as much as she was providing much-needed solutions in the medical field, she was also performing unethical experiments on the male gender. To her, the male genetic makeup was a mystery that ought to have been solved. Unknowingly to many men, they had become her guinea pigs, where she performed various tests on their genetic makeup.

It was only when the relevant stakeholders came to know of wrongdoings that her empire started to crumble down. What was of more concern was the fact that she was aiming to weaken the male population slowly while also ensuring that she had a constant supply of male donors. At that point, she decided that the male population should be maintained at a minimum while the female population blossom. Upon her dismissal as the chief executive officer of her company, the previous deals she had put in place were canceled. The company would later be dissolved on the grounds of malpractice and intent to render the male population extinct.

It was a case of a fallen hero-an iron lady who had revolutionized the medical field. Only for her to be haunted by her childhood memories and fears. It was a tragic ending to a star that shone so bright yet brought down by the envy of the opposite gender. The lady would later die of an abortion—an abortion of a boy child.

In creating the story above, I have employed various concepts of Aristotle. I have specifically used gender as the central theme of the story, whereby the lady in question is in constant struggle with the opposite gender (Crowe, 2020). Additionally, there is a melancholic ending to the story: the lady died aborting a boy child. On the same, the plot of the story is based on recent and relatable technological age. Thus, the above story can only be treated as being within Aristotle's framework of storytelling.


Crowe, R. D. (2020). Classical Storytelling and Contemporary Screenwriting: Aristotle and the Modern Scriptwriter by Brian Price. Journal of Film and Video, 72(1), 102-103.

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