Free Essay on Gender Problems

Published: 2017-12-28
Free Essay on Gender Problems
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From various research conducted, it is evident that women face many problems in the science field. Such problems are attributed to certain social issues like gender inequality, work environment, and motherhood. However, in the recent decades, more women have joined an organization that fights for their rights. Also, the government has been on the forefront in formulating policies that wound ensuring the rights of women in the society are protected. Such laws are to empower more women in strategizing ways of dealing with such problems that affected them in the science field. This paper argues the problems that face women in the science field such as work environment, gender inequality, and motherhood.

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Harassment is one of the social problems that women face in their working environment. From the research conducted, it shows that 37% of women in America are likely to face harassment in their working environment. There are different forms of harassment that such women tend to experience on a daily basis (Voosen 12). Sexual harassment is one of them and from the American Surveys; it is evident that the issues relating to this type of harassment have been on the increased in the recent decades. As such, it has been attributed to the fact that women tend to dress inappropriately in the workplace. In some organization, to prevent such issues from happening, they have established a dressing code in which every woman has to confront. Also, the government has established strict rules and regulation concerning sexual harassment in the working environment. Some women have complained that other employees are calling them abusive names which are ascribed as another form of harassment. (Beth 342) explains that for any company to be successful, it must ensure it creates a conducive environment in which every employee feel comfortable. Such actions can only be possible through protecting the rights of women in the working environment. The issues of ‘name-calling' should be abolished, and every person should be referred to his/her name.

Hellen indicates that gender wage gap is another form of workplace problems that most women tend to experience. In most cases, women have argued that men are being paid more compared to them while performing the same roles and responsibilities. As such, the management of some of that organization argues that men have more responsibilities to take care of their families, unlike women (Hellen 529). However, more women have joined hand to fight such issues of gender wage gap in most of the organizations in the country. They have also urged the government to establish certain institutions that will overlook such problems that woman tend to experience in their working environment.

Patchett in the ‘State of wonder’ argues that gender inequality has been a topic of discussion for many years. In fact, many countries have tried to formulate foreign policies that try to address such issues of gender inequalities (Par 8). It has been ascribed that women are not given equal chances like the male gender. Such aspects have affected many women since they are denied the opportunities to progress in life. Gender inequality is experienced in term of career opportunities. As such, some careers are believed that they can only be done by the male (Hellen 529). Such actions are likely to limit women from advancing in these career opportunities, and yet the women can perform better than men if given a chance. For example, for many years, piloting was believed to be a career opportunity for the male. In that light, it was difficult to find any women taking such course as their career. However, in the recent years, more women have practiced piloting after the government encouraged more women to venture into such careers.

Beth articulates that some countries deny women the opportunities to vie for political seats. As such, they choose some women leader who would advocate for the rights of others (Beth 66). Such actions have been heavily criticized by world leaders arguing that women should be given the same rights as the male. It is important for the leaders of such countries to allow women to choose their representatives whom they have confidence will fight for their rights. Also, they should encourage more women to vie for any political seats other than setting asides some leadership roles for women.

In most of the societies, the ownership of properties rests mainly on the male genders. As such, it is difficult for women to be given the permits of holding any property in the country unless providing more detailed evidence how she acquired it (Adamo 44). Such issues is a form of gender inequality which should be abolished in the country. Women should be given the rights to own any form of ownership as long as they present the correct credentials.

In most of the developing countries, women receive less care support than man. This is another gender inequality which has affected such women in the developing countries. In some cases, they even denied the opportunity to attend school since they are believed that they will soon get married and would not be beneficial to then society (Hellen 533). Such issues have led to increasing the level of poverty in those countries since the society is only depending on the male to provide for their families. What is more, women are even regarded as properties of men.

Patchett discusses that many women, especially in the developing countries, have lost their lives due to pregnancy. This is attributed to the fact that such countries lack adequate medical facilities to prevent deaths due to pregnancy. From the several types of research conducted, it has shown that majority of such women die due to stress while giving. They are not given proper treatment such as eating proper food that would be beneficial to them and their babies while giving birth (Beth 43). Some of such pregnant mothers tend to experience domestic violence from their husband. Lack of employment opportunities is another form of motherhood problems that is widely experienced. Some single mothers may lack financial resources for them to take care of their families. As such, they end up straining a lot while trying to raise their families. This is a problem that is very common in the country due to the lack of equal employment chances for both male and female.

In conclusion, the government has a huge role to play in ensuring that the rights of women are protected. Such actions could be exercised through establishing rules and regulations that support women. Also, the government should enhance strict penalties for any organization found guilty of practicing any form of harassment in the working environment. Also, women should establish more organization that aims of enlightening others regarding the many challenges they tend to experience in the field of science. Such actions are likely to empower more women to formulate ways of overcoming problems such as gender inequality, work environment, and motherhood.

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