Free Essay. Communication at Navistar International

Published: 2023-02-16
Free Essay. Communication at Navistar International
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Organizational communication should be prioritized due to various challenges that workers experienced that should be addressed through an active and open communication system. Communication tools such as memos, newsletters, or corporate emails should be utilized to improve interaction at the workplace. They are vital components that enable executives to identify institutional problems to resolve them amicably. To run a prosperous company, managers and staff require a valid and transparent communication system. Consequently, the interruption of communication flow can lead to severe consequences that can disorient employees and stakeholders. A weak communication channel is a significant barrier to establishing an efficient organizational information flow.

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Most companies have attempted to enhance work-life balance; an aspect that has led to an increase of remote staff. Although remote employees do not operate from the office, they must be monitored regularly. If managers and remote employees are not communicating efficiently, the workers are prone to missing critical information that is mandatory in executing their roles. Remote workers need a different communication mechanism; if they miss vital corporate messages, they are likely to be disappointed and feel discriminated. Babosov and Trus (2015), argued that inadequate information is the most common efficiency obstacle among remote workers. Remote workers rely on technology, unlike their in-office colleagues who utilize their face-to-face communication channel. Phones and email exemplify the fragmented communication system that remote workers depend on to execute their tasks. The process of switching between different applications causes distraction and confuses among new employees leading to distortion or loss of information.

Managers should design technology policies that apply to in-office and remote employees. For instance, video conferencing, corporate intranet, and chat tools are some of the fundamental communication strategies that directors need to endorse to improve information flow. Executives should maintain an open communication platform that encourages information sharing and employees to articulate their grievances (Zhu, Liu, Yu & Wu, 2016). Maintaining a clear communication channel is an ideal strategy for building an engaged, dedicated, and trusted workforce.

A weak communication channel is a significant barrier to establishing an efficient organizational information flow. Phones and email typify a fragmented communication channel that remote workers depend on to execute their chores. Switching between various applications leads to distraction and confusion, especially among new staff leading to loss of information. Integrating a transparent communication network is a perfect strategy for building a dedicated and trusted team.


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