Essay Sample on The Freedom of Life

Published: 2017-10-01
Essay Sample on The Freedom of Life
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In a number of occasions, individuals have found themselves prisoners of their own thoughts. As such, majority of individuals found it difficult to choose freely in going about their daily life activities. Majority of persons who were entangled in their own thoughts found it difficult to choose a different interpretation, thought and experience as part of their lives. Such turn of events made individuals prisoners of the ideals that were proclaimed by powerful persons in their surroundings including societal leaders. When individuals realize that their thoughts did not determine how they lived their lives then and only then would they be regarded to be enjoying the freedom of life. In line with this, at the point where individuals develop the capacity to choose differently then, one would be considered to be taking pleasure in the ‘freedom of life’. By embracing the freedom to determine one’s own life, freedom to choose thoughts and the freedom to interpret various events in the surrounding, individuals would be able to surpass some of the restricting self-made constructs that were developed as part of their being.

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Nonetheless, a good number of persons did not understand what the freedom of life entailed within individuals’ societies. This is because individuals would always have different understandings to the word ‘freedom’. While some people would proclaim that freedom meant individuals’ ability to partake to varied tasks whenever they pleased and however, they desired other people believed that freedom entailed the level of satisfaction that people derived from the activities that they were involved in at different points in their lives.

Ideally, it is important that individuals found answers to the question ‘are we really free within our societies?’ This is because in most societies, people were forced to act based on the guiding principles that were developed by leaders in their midst. The few persons who failed to abide by the proclaimed regulations within their areas of residence were subjected to devastating repercussions based on the guiding principles that they had broken and as stipulated by the laws in their land. It could be said that the rules that are developed as part of individuals’ societies prevent majority of persons from acting out on free will or partaking to particular activities in the manner that they saw fit. Even with it being that such forms of restriction would in most instances work for the better good of the society to some extent it could be asserted that such limitations prevented people from enjoying their ‘freedom of life’, which is a benefit that God handed over to all of humanity.

It is believed that once individuals embraced the freedom to determine their own life, freedom to choose thoughts and the freedom to interpret various events in their surrounding, they would be able to surpass some of the limiting self-made constructs that were developed as part of their being. ‘Freedom of life’ could be described as being able to live life in the manner that individuals wished for in the society. This would be by making their own choices in life, making out meanings of various events within their surroundings on their own, and deciding the course of their lives without other people playing part in the formulation of the aforementioned trends in life as part of individuals’ coexistence. What makes human beings to be better placed when it comes to leaving their lives freely without much restriction is the actuality that individuals have the knowledge about what was considered wrong and the things that were considered right whenever they were carried out in the society. However, freedom of life has been curtailed in most societies through the detention or prosecution of persons who held different ideals from those upheld by their leaders.

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