Essay Example on Comparison and Contrast of Foreigner and Moana

Published: 2023-01-05
Essay Example on Comparison and Contrast of Foreigner and Moana
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Moana represents the innovative benefit, as the film's star. In the movie setting and actors are matched by art trend that draws significantly from Samoan statue and design. It, therefore, epitomizes the character's critical role, which relies on large, tiki-like heads with highly animated appearances. She is the hero of Disney's 2016 animated story film of the same name. She is chosen to when the island becomes chaotic to cross the ocean to save her people and the rest of the world. Moana is Disney's twelfth princess, and she is not from the royal family or blood. Jackie Chan was selected as the cupbearer and then the successor of the king of Hong Kong cinema. From then he starred in a chain of kung fu films with Lo Wei and worked with the same producer and director who had worked with Bruce Lee. The paper will, therefore, explore the differences and similarities between the movie Foreigner and Disney's Moana. Based on the audience, the genre and the setting of the film of the films. It will also draw a similarity based on the reason for fighting.

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Another difference between Foreigner and Moana is the that the audience are more inclined to the leaders in government and also the those who are oppressed and need liberation but Moana is based on the need to portray strong pursuit of something in an extraordinary way. Regardless of age and skills. The age gap where Moana is currently sixteen years old while Chan is fifty-five years old, but he started playing roles in filming in 1962 when he was only eight years old. In this regard, it implies that their experiences in movies differ because Chan has been in shooting for several years while Moana has less expertise.

Furthermore, the genres that the two movies differ play because Moana is an animated cartoon version focused on Children themed films which are majorly comedy while Foreigner is war themed and focused on poor governance with no animation and also focused on adults who are supposed to act to liberate their people form cruel governance.. On the contrary, they have similarities where both characters are starring in films that have received world attention and connection which in this regard is Disney for Moana and Kungfu for Chan.

The movies are similar in that Moana entails fighting for her people in the village while Foreigner entails fighting for justice of a daughter who is killed and the government is holding clues to the killers. In this regard the main actors Moana and Chan are fighting for a course one is a daughter and the other are the villagers.


In conclusion, it is essential to note that the two characters have more differences than the similarities based on their role as stars. The genres they play in also play a critical role in their differences. Another essential tenet that brings the gap between the two is their age difference and expertise as one of them has served for a longer time than the other. They are however world-renowned film characters, and this is what brings out their significant similarity.


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