Reflective Log on Learning Process, Free Essay for You

Published: 2019-12-13
Reflective Log on Learning Process, Free Essay for You
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Learning is a process that takes place throughout one's life. The module was an opportunity to learn something new. After learning, there comes a time to turn knowledge into practice. During the module, I took some time to learn not only what was taught in class but also what life has beyond the class. There is what the student gain in school and there what employers want from graduates. One of the areas I was most interested in learning was how I am going to utilize my skills after college. That is why I invested a lot of time learning about graduate skills. Transferable skills have been described as skills and abilities that are applicable and useful across different areas of life: professionally, socially, and at school (Skills You Need, 2016). Having known the importance of transferable skills, my research suggests that I should equip myself with teamwork, leadership, personal motivation, time management, listening, and written communication skills. Other skills and abilities I found I should upgrade include information technology, personal development, numeracy, research and analytical, verbal skills. I also found out these transferable skills are also employability skills. Through my investigations, I have also learned how practical and academic skills will be applicable in the industry. Carnevale and Smith (2013) pointed out that listening and oral communication skills are paramount to smooth operations of every workplace. This has motivated me to dedicate more time and resources to improve my employability skills.

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Anderson, Potocnik, and Zhou (2014) asserted that creativity and innovation are central to any organization and are vital to its successful performance. The coursework task set we were given at the beginning of the module gave me an opportunity to learn not only invention and innovation but also how it happens it matters in the industry. The task was a chance to translate knowledge and skills learned in class into solutions for real-world problems. The task also gave me a chance to test my critical evaluation skills and expand my knowledge on the practical applications of the seven dimensions within a strategic innovation framework. Through the task, I identified transferable, and employability skills required in the industry. For example, I found out that one need to be good in analytical, information technology, written communication, and numeracy skills to solve a similar problem.

Implementation of my research strategy and writing my coursework was a great opportunity for me to acquire more skills. Some of the skills I acquired are higher order thinking skills mentioned by Robinson (2000) and include learning, reasoning, thinking creativity, decisions making, and problem-solving. However, it was at the same time that I encountered challenges. I acquired new knowledge through writing coursework. In the coursework, I also learned how to summarized notes. I experimented with various learning styles and identified learning styles which work best for me. The theories I learned in coursework expanded my knowledge. Through external studies I conducted, I investigated situations or areas where knowledge I acquired in coursework is applicable. Writing coursework demanded a lot of planning and organization, and in the process, I acquired additional planning and organizing skills. Research strategy gave me a clear picture of how research is conducted. I learned the requirements that one must have to complete research. Further, I learned how to get the quality sources for the literature review. Although the benefits were numerous, I encountered some challenges. I had challenges in understanding the concepts. There was much work to be accomplished and often I had challenges completing work in advance. There was also difficult concepts which I took the time to understand. I had to conduct further studies on my own. During the implementation of the research project, it took me some time to come up with the right topic and methodology. Although there were challenges, I took them as learning opportunities since I had to find solutions for every challenge I encountered.


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