The Exploration of the Impact of Advanced Technology in Aviation Maintenance - Paper Example

Published: 2023-12-24
The Exploration of the Impact of Advanced Technology in Aviation Maintenance - Paper Example
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Aviation Maintenance is a course that involves the proper upkeep and repair of aircraft. An aviation maintenance technician is the professional assigned to repair and maintain aircraft to ensure they are fit for use as per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These technicians ensure that the aircraft is in good working condition and repair any problems before it leaves the ground (Darkilic, 2017). To be able to work as an aviation technician, one is required to have mechanical aptitude, which involves all necessary knowledge involving working with aircraft.

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The educational requirement to get this job is a High School diploma or GED certificate. Military experience in some specialty fields is considered equal to FAA course work. The classes last between twelve to twenty-four months, and a lot of on-job training is required. Any professional to work as a technician needs to pass the criminal background check as well as drug screening tests. Technicians with Federal Aviation Administration training and Airframe and Power plant (A&P) certification have greater opportunities to advance than those with just one of the certificates. These certified technicians later advance to become inspectors, supervisors, and instructors in their field of work. Qualified technicians work in commercial and private airlines, the military, products, and parts manufacturing companies and repair stations.

I have always wanted to be of service to my people and my country since I was young. I have always wanted to use my skills and talent to serve the country and help in its growth and well-being. Since I was gifted in the engineering field, I decided to join the army as a mechanical technician to help with aircraft machinery. Working in this department would create an endless learning opportunity seeing as new technology is developed every day, and I would have to keep up with it as a technician.

Working with the army gives me a first-hand opportunity to keep the country safe with the rest of the soldiers because I ensure their machines and craft are safe for use and defense. It gives a sense of belonging and usefulness, which helps promote positivity to individuals and the team as a whole. This job helps to instill a sense of responsibility because the task of ensuring that the helicopters or any other craft are safe for use before it leaves the ground keeps the technician on toes and working at his best.

Technology plays a big role in every work field or career. With time, technology has evolved in order to suit and improve the different activities that occur in the industries or fields. In the aviation field, major improvements and changes have occurred in the running of operations as well as the aircraft itself, which has required an upgrade in the technology used in the maintenance. From the machinery to the data collection and recording of the aircraft data, technicians have needed to learn new things to apply to the job.

For example, in the documentation process, workers used paper to document all information involving the running of airbases, but with technological advancements, they now use computers. The use of computers instead of papers saves on time because handwriting is a tiresome as well as a time-consuming process. With computers, a system is created that makes it easy to enter data as well as store information that can be used for later use, unlike papers, which require one to recreate a format or system every time with every new piece of paper.

It is important to remain current and up to date with technology and other developments in every field to promote effectiveness and efficiency in running operations. Technology has, however, brought positive impacts in various industries, which should not be overlooked. In the aviation field, the improvement of technology has brought about increased productivity. With better technology, work is done faster and more efficiently hence increasing the productivity of the technicians. Better tools and equipment minimize time wastage and therefore bring forth better results from both the machines and the technicians dealing with the machines.

Remaining current with the technology developments also helps to minimize maintenance costs involved in rectifying mistakes made during maintenance or repair. If the technology is efficient enough, machines only need to be checked or maintained in fewer intervals of time; they will work for longer periods of time. Better technology, therefore, saves money as well as the energy of the technicians.

Technological improvements have also led to the stability of financial reports. When a human being is doing calculation for both machinery and monetary calculations, he is bound to make mistakes in the course of the work. With the introduction of weighing machines, calculators, test drivers and other measuring equipment, a lot of clear and correct data is recorded.

Better technology also helps in networking in that it helps to deal with maintenance challenges together, such as memory failure, rule regulation, and knowledge-based errors (Patankar, 2017). With the use of improved technology, technicians can now work together to solve problems they face in the repair or maintenance of aircraft. Computers and iPads allow them a chance to send data from one of them to another or to many, and they can therefore help each other work on the challenges they face in the course of their job.

Keeping up with the changes and advancements in technology also helps to ward off competition. Every industry and its management are trying its best to stand out and be the best at what they do, which is the same for aviation-related industries. The technicians need to ensure that the technology they are using is up to date and will not fail in the course of operations. If the army is behind on technology, there are high chances that their enemies could easily manipulate the technology to their advantage and win the war against the army. Therefore, this chance calls for alertness and willingness to learn and improve their way of doing things.

It is necessary to remain current even as a student as you progress to get a degree or even as you work in the field. There are many ways in which one can remain current both on job practice and outside job practice. These include volunteering at the place of work. Volunteering to help at the workplace, despite not having a permanent job, is crucial in that it exposes you to the job environment and allows you to work on your skills. This exposure helps one identify with the aviation career, and everything hands-on and off that is required in the job. By volunteering, one can build their reputation with the employers and fellow workers and therefore increase your visibility. With visibility comes improving skills and making yourself a valuable enough asset not to be laid off in the future.

Another way to remain current is to not stop learning. Despite being at work or in college, one needs to continue gathering as much relevant information as possible while away from work. One can easily keep learning through online forums that offer information concerning the course through videos and programs that help keep the learning going. Some colleges and universities also offer such free programs online. While away from the working site, one needs to keep researching what is going on at work and keep tabs with the moving times.

To remain relevant and current, one needs to develop a special skill that sets you apart from other workmates. You need to realize a different skill or talent that could be useful to your employer that is not the basic skills offered to everyone who does that course. This standing out will once again makes you a valuable asset to the industry. One also needs to be willing to relocate and not be fixed at one location. You need to realize that a job can be found anywhere, and so as an employee, you have to be ready to move to where the job deems necessary.

Another effective way to remain relevant and current is by networking. This involves taking time to be around the people that you work within the environment of work. People appreciate positive people, and so it is highly recommended that you be friendly and quick to learn. When and if you make time for people, they will also make time for you. Therefore, it is crucial to making time for the people you work with to learn the loops of the job and be able to grow in the job industry.

Selling yourself is also another way to remain relevant. By improving your skills, keeping up with technology improvements, and being the best at your job, you are selling yourself and therefore making yourself a valuable asset. Showing your value secures a job position because you can be relied on to deliver good results. Ensuring that the relevant people are aware of your skills and abilities puts you on the map for success and allows you to be picked for opportunities.

In conclusion, technology continues to be part of our lives, and it will keep changing. We need to keep up with it and use it to improve our various work stations. Being the best in our jobs is also important, and it should be the aim of each and every employee or an aspiring employee. To be the best, you have to ensure that you maintain currency and relevance in your job market by making any and all necessary changes or improvements that may be required as time moves. With these improvements made, effectiveness and efficiency are guaranteed in all the work done.


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