My Success Plan - Free Essay Example

Published: 2021-01-25
My Success Plan - Free Essay Example
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Every individual in any given society embarks on a journey hoping to succeed. To succeed in any given endeavor, an individual has to be completely engrossed in the environment of that particular endeavor. One has to be extremely determined in overcoming all the obstacles that will present themselves on the way to success. Achieving goals requires a person to take initiative, be enthusiastic about what they do and have a connection with the people in his/her environment.

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My success plan at this college involves me being comfortable with the university and actively getting involved with curricular and co-curricular activities even as I strive to grow into an individual as a whole. The values that the university curriculum stands for will perfectly help me in accomplishing fully baked education and becoming an all rounded citizen. I plan to powerfully connect my past experiences in school life with my current life in this university so that I can build on my personality. What inspires me most about this university is the fact that, students are challenged not only to become scholars but also to get the full meaning of life. It is a definite life changer and one of the warmest campuses one would ever ask for. I intend to grab every positive opportunity that presents itself to transform my life in terms of academics and social life and subsequently make me successful at my healthcare field in this college.

Part of what this college offers to make its students successful includes; programs that are value-centered, unending dedication to students and the belief that education is only but a pathway to personal freedom. Moreover, the school has always been known for its ability to create principled citizens out of their students. Additionally, Christian values that include belief in a purposeful universe, dignity, self-worth, and honesty will be critical in my journey to success. The university curriculum will make me a critical thinker and problem solver and encourage the growth of my social responsibility. What is more? The ratio of students to teachers is just 25:1, this is essential in encouraging students to work alongside their professors. I intend to use these benefits of the existent school values to be successful. An education that builds a person as a whole is the success in itself. The structure that the school is built on will help me in building my personal value system and hence be able to determine what is needed for me to become successful.

Narrowing down to myself, I will be actively involved in on and off campus activities, for example, by working in the student governing body and donating over 200 hours to community service. Secondly, by gaining life education through the values of the university and surrounding myself with the right people, I will become a successful student. Let me give an example of how I learned to embrace positive values that are going to help me succeed. I once was faced with medical and physical challenges that also affected my integrity and the way I looked at myself. At one point, I had to learn to value myself not by my social status or appearance but by the integrity of kindness, forgiveness and dedication. This made me whole, and I am now sure this will go a long way in helping me attain success.

In conclusion, embracing personal value system from the larger university value system, taking advantage of the curriculum activities that the university has to offer like the easily accessible professors and getting involved in social activities like being a member of organizations ( for example, medical clubs) will be my stepping stones towards success.

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