Free Essay Example on The Everglade Region

Published: 2019-06-11
Free Essay Example on The Everglade Region
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The Everglade is a wetland region found in the south of Florida. It is a natural feature that supposes as the largest subtropical feature in the United States (Anonymous, 1994). Some of the animal species that affect the Everglade are the lionfish and the Burmese python. Brazilian pepper and horsetail tree are some of the plant species that have an effect on Everglade ecosystem. Notably, there has been widespread introduction of nonnative species into the Everglade.

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The introduction of nonnative species into the Everglade acts as a major challenge to the existence of the native species. There is increased competition for the scarce and limited resources. This introduction of such species leads to the extinction of the native species or rather asserts them as endangered species. However, there exist naturalized species that have adapted themselves to the said ecosystem over a given time and thus cannot be regarded as invasive.

Coral reefs are species found in underwater habitats and they act as the basic foundation of any marine ecosystem (Chin, 2011). They are vitally important for the survival of marine animals. However, according to a recently publicized report, coral reefs existence is being threatened. This ecosystem is facing threats from both man-made and natural factors. Some of the problems faced by coral reefs are ocean acidification and warming waters.

Warming waters is a consequence occasioned by the increase in high temperatures. High temperatures cause immense stress to coral reefs and deteriorate the symbiotic relationship it has with algae. Ocean acidification is a result of the excessive and uncontrolled release of carbon (IV) dioxide into the ocean. The gross acidic conditions make it harder for corals to grow since their structures are destroyed. These problems can be solved by minimizing pollution and curbing global warming that leads to warming waters (Defenders of Wildlife, 2012).

Endangered species are regarded as animals or plants that are almost nearing their extinction due to natural or man-made factors (Younger, 2007). The state of Illinois has some species that are considered endangered by the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board. The board has listed all the vulnerable species on their website for public knowledge. Some of the endangered species in the state of Illinois are the gray bat, the Eastern Massasauga, the blood-leaf and the leather-flower. The gray bat and the Eastern Massasauga are the endangered animal species while the blood-leaf and the leather-flower are the endangered plant species.

The state of Illinois has implied some efforts to try and minimize the rate at which endangered species are becoming so. Strict laws and policies have been enacted to offer them the jurisdiction and capacity to protect the endangered species. Endangered Species protection act and Preservation of native flora act are some of the laws that have been enacted. The acts prohibit the introduction of exotics and willful destruction of habitats. However, this has not been successfully achieved, and lots need to be done (Cothran, 2001). More specific laws need to be enacted and those enacted need to be implemented stringently.


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