Essay Sample: Connection Between Human Dignity and Ethical Communication

Published: 2022-04-25
Essay Sample: Connection Between Human Dignity and Ethical Communication
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Human dignity refers to the inalienable and inherent value in a human being which cannot be taken away, measured or even destroyed. On the other hand, ethical communication encompasses the understanding and acceptance of three main elements; what one has hope of achieving through the communication, the real-life outcomes and the means that is the way one chooses to speak. Human dignity interrelates with ethical communication in a number of ways. In the social media the two principles of great importance are the human beings' dignity and the humans' true social nature. The paper shall provide substantial details on the connection that exists between human dignity and ethical communication.

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In order to effectively analyze the link between human dignity and ethical communication we make use of ethical arguments, in this case, the principles of ethical communication. The First principle advocates for accuracy, truthfulness, reason and honesty as essential in maintaining the integrity of communication. Human dignity interrelates to the ethical communication principles in that it has high regard for the freedom of choice, accuracy when relaying information and the honesty. The human dignity virtue cannot be compared to the modern understanding of dignity because it is beyond the actions of an individual and is what all the people have in common (Kirchhoffer, 2013). It is deeply rooted in people. The virtues in ethical communication form an integral part of human dignity. Being truthful and honest, for instance, are virtues that get highly attributable to great significance and worth of the human beings. In the realm of social media, a person should maintain human dignity that is his or her worth and in these ethics of communication be bound by the tenets of proper ethical communication such as honesty. In the social media platforms, the information, for instance, should be truthful which is a virtue in human dignity. It acts to reinforce the worth of the people as is common in human dignity.

The second principle to show the link between human dignity and ethical communication. In ethical communication there is maintenance of the freedom of expression, tolerance and diversity in a civil society. Human dignity espouses different rights, for instance, in the constitution there are choices and freedoms that serve to affirm people's rights (Edlund, Lindwall, Post and Lindstrom, 2013). The interrelation herein entails that in both ethical communication and human dignity there is respect for the diverse views. In the social media, for instance, ethical communication entails allowing other people to express themselves but within the limits of mutual respect as is a critical part of human dignity.

The third, strive to respect and understand other communicators to ensure you evaluate and respond accurately to the messages. Human beings should be aware of dignity and through this the interrelation with ethical communication entails that people in their interaction or communication with each other will be able to understand and also respect the ideas of other people. The responses in this case get measured to ensure that in maintaining human dignity which is a base concept that explains the manner in which human beings get treated or viewed. In the social media it is essential to understand other people's message and discern them as a matter of human dignity to ensure that your response is in tandem with what the other communicator is saying.

The fourth principle, speak non-judgmentally. Human dignity in the relations between people is reflected back depending on the interaction context. Ethical communication highlights the significance of not being judgmental to another person you are having a personal interaction with but rather maintain social dignity that gets rewarded by the mutual respect between the communicators. In the context of the social media human dignity and ethical communication will ensure that there is respect for the personal views, however, the social dignity could get lost, withheld or achieved.

The fifth principle, Avoidance of universalization or generalization of opinions, beliefs and values. Human dignity interrelates to ethical communication in this way, dignity is a quality and therefore it is critical to be restraint and also have composure. Human dignity is linked to a person and the freedom of choice is a basic principle in ethical communication. It is also encompassed in human dignity, for instance, some nations have made use of dignity in the constitution to ensure things like protection of human rights. In ethical communication in a platform such as the social media it is important to maintain social dignity to ensure that in the interaction there is no infringement on the rights of other people (Mount & Martinez, 2014). A person should not make a generalized statement but rather measure one's words in the mutual respect of another person's view.

The sixth principle, condemnation of communication that seeks to degrade human beings or humanity through violence, coercion, intimidation and distortion. Human dignity is an inherent value in human beings that cannot be taken away. Similarly, ethical communication ensures respect of human rights through respect, honesty, focus, attention, listening to other people and importantly not judging other people. The dignity in the case of relations between people describes the way worthiness and perceived value gets reflected back in an interaction context and should not degrade in any way human beings. In social media, for instance, both human dignity and ethical communication highlight that the communication should be upfront, cooperative and honest. Violence or even acts of intimidation are not espoused neither in ethical communication nor human dignity.

The last principle, manage one's own personal boundaries and also respect of other people's boundaries. Both ethical communication and human dignity ensure maintenance of decorum and social conventions. In ethical communication a person is supposed to be restraint and this is to manage his limits in the communication and also respect other people's view, for instance, listen to them first before making a comment that is well-measured. Human dignity in the relation between people also highlights that the worthiness and values depend on the interaction context. A person should therefore observe the boundaries and in human dignity it is known as social dignity similar to the tenets in ethical communication. In social media human dignity in the guise of social dignity together with ethical communication interrelate in the regulation of the interaction. The communication gets regulated through aspects such as honesty and truthfulness.

In conclusion, human dignity and ethical communication interrelate in many different ways. The ethical communication principles go hand in hand with human dignity. They both stand for the same characteristics, for instance, honesty and the traits are attributable to ethical communication and human dignity. Ethical communication sets the flow for the respect and withholding of the inalienable value in human beings which is human dignity. In social media the two aspects are critical in the maintenance of decorum in the sharing of information and also between or among the communicators.


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