Compare and Contrast Essay Example on Two Different Sports

Published: 2022-09-27
Compare and Contrast Essay Example on Two Different Sports
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Football and basketball are the most popular and the most enjoyed sports in America. Football and basketball have professional leagues that attract millions of viewers (Fox, 2008). Both sports popularity has made the media have channels that focus on airing both sports and people can easily watch them on television. Additionally, football and basketball are played for health and professional purposes. However, both sports are different in diverse ways. The differences range from the number of players, style of play, the length of the games as well as the sports equipment.

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Football and basketball improve the health of the players. Both sports involve a lot of physical activities. Physical activities are healthy and recommendable for everyone. The activities burn the body calories and help in getting rid of excess fats in the body. The players are thus free of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. Additionally, the exercises help in keeping and maintaining body fitness.

Furthermore, both sports are played professionally and are a career for many people. Football has grown professionally with large associations such as FIFA regulating the football licensing system. Football has employed a lot of young people and has around 6082 licensed agents worldwide. The most earning football player, Lionel Messi, earns $111 million and an additional $84 million salary together with $27 million endorsements (Kappel,2018). Similarly, basketball is managed and governed by The International Basketball Association(FIBA). The most paid NBA player, Kobe Bryant, earns $25 million per season with the wealthiest basketballer, Magic Johnson, having a net worth of $500 million (Vize,2017). Both football and basketball players make a lot of money, and both sports are the place to be if one wants to earn good money from a hobby and also achieve a status.

Football and basketball style of play and rules are different. Football can be described as a sport that involves full-contact that is evident with the continuous physical confrontations and collisions among players. In contrast, basketball is non-contact and physical contact is judged as a violation to basketballs rule and termed as a foul (Ramen, 2006). Regarding scoring, football has fewer chances of scoring than basketball. Football awards six points for a touchdown, two points for a safety, and three points for a field goal with three being the least the offence can score. Basketball awards three points for a field goal with three being the most points the offence can score (Timothy, 2016). Despite all the points granted to football, basketball remains higher scoring than football.

Both football and basketball equipment are different. Football fields are broader than basketball courts. Football fields are three hundred and sixty feet by one hundred and sixty feet while basketball courts are ninety-four feet by fifty feet (Daniels, Daniels, & Institution of Electrical Engineers, 2004). Moreover, football fields are outdoors and contain natural or synthetic grass while basketball courts are indoors and normally made of wood. The balls used to play both games are also different. A footballs' ball is thick padded and contains black and white spots which are designed to fly higher and easy to catch while a basketballs' ball is orange with black stripes that is larger and heavier.

Ultimately, both sports are gaining more supporters due to their distinct differences. Both sports have numerous health benefits to the players. Both football and basketball are professional and career sports and give the players huge amounts of wealth. However, the two sports are different regarding the style of play as well as the sports equipment. The differences need to be taken into account by both the viewers and the players to understand both games. However, it is notable that football is more fun, engaging, higher earning, and challenging than basketball


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