Essay Example on the Imperial Hotel: Poor Guest Satisfaction

Published: 2022-03-03
Essay Example on the Imperial Hotel: Poor Guest Satisfaction
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The Imperial Hotel has been rated 65% in terms of the overall customer satisfaction in the company's benchmark grading system which is not quite impressive when comparing to other competitors in the hotel industry. From the guest satisfaction survey by the hotel that is always carried out through guest cards and also more formal online survey indicate that customers are decertified with services that relate to them checking in and checking of the hotel, the quality of the rooms themselves and the poor quality of staff. There have been some complaints about the reception staff being indifferent and sometimes rude to guests. Other guests have been critical of having to wait in queues at reception both for checking into the hotel as well as checking out. A considerable number of guests have complained of repeatedly being charged incorrectly in their final bill. Most worrying is the fact that some guests are also complaining that there has been little or no timely response to their complaints.

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Regarding the accommodation, in the hotel, a growing number of guest are critical of the quality of the hotel rooms and in particular the cleanliness of the bathrooms, with numerous requests for room changes due to showers not working properly, noisy air conditioning, and technology is not working in the rooms. Poor leadership and improper management have been identified as the major problems facing the Imperial Hotel. This has negatively impacted the Imperial Hotel which has led to poor services that have brought about poor customer satisfaction. The hotel industry in this century has been competitive, and Imperial Hotel is facing stiff competition from the industry, and since it is diminishing regarding enhancing customer loyalty, it threatens the organization's competitive advancement and its business continuity.

The concept of quality delivery of services to customers ensures their satisfaction which in turn guarantees customer satisfaction and loyalty. This has been a subsequent repeat business assumption for most practitioners and theorists. The values of an organization determine whether the will return or not. The question that arises is whether customer loyalty is critical to the success of the hotel business and more specifically to Imperial Hotel. Due to the increased global market competition today, Imperial Hotel is facing challenges in retaining its customers based on their poor management and leadership. In over a span of five years, with the current management and leadership, Imperial Hotel is likely to lose most of its customers to competitors which means the organization will collapse. By raising quality standards and satisfaction, the organization is likely to increases its customer expectation level gradually.

Customer satisfaction is more than just giving customers a smile when they are being welcomed. It is more than customer satisfaction tips and satisfaction surveys, but it rather knows the customer base. When a customer's expectation is met, then it probably the customer will be satisfied. The satisfaction level to the customer is achieved through the production which includes presentation, quantity, quality, and price. The service needs to be met regarding speed and timing to suit the market, expertise of the staff, social skills of the staff, presentation and efficiency (Boddy 2017). There is a need for the hotel staff to be aware that failure and success of the organization entirely depend on the type of services they offer to the customers. Employees need to interact with customers for them to be aware and respond to their needs and goals.

One of the most critical authoritative resources is the human resource of that association. The human resource in different authoritative levels can be utilized, and every one of them requires its own particular specified arranging. Both preeminent managers and middle managers and likewise workforce in bring down hierarchical levels, all considered as the human resource. In this way, associations endeavor to build job satisfaction in different authoritative levels as indicated by their desires keeping in mind the end goal to increment hierarchical execution.

The job satisfaction of employee and leadership style are the primary components that affect the association adequacy. Raghubalan (2016) indicates that leadership is known as one of the imperative parts of job satisfaction from employees. It can completely affect the commitment and inspiration of employees. Having particular leadership style is a key component that affects employee's job satisfaction which prompts hierarchical achievement. Moreover, job satisfaction is a basic and critical result of having a viable leadership in an association.

According to Raghubalan (2016), customer satisfaction is entirely influenced by the service factors primarily by employee's attitude and positive participation. An increase in customer participation in Imperial Hotel will positively increase the organization revenues. The quality of services offered in the hotel plays a more important role than the location and pricing in customer purchase decision.

There is need to have training for the hotel staff to ensure that employees can meet their objectives and offer quality services. The hotel first needs to be ranked top regarding human resource capabilities. Although dues to the seasonal nature of tourism in London, the position of the hospitality industry, and the limited access of accessible and affordable training, Imperial Hotel is not always taking advantage of this position, as it is difficult to train, attract and retain qualified and reliable staff year round (Boddy 2017).

Imperial Hotel needs to adopt the concept of total quality which is a business approach that integrates its employees, from management to front-level, in the process of continuous learning, with a goal of increasing customer satisfaction. The hotel needs to examine all points of interactions and encounters with customers to ascertain plugs of improvements. Total quality management in the hospitality and tourism industry is defined as a process where the organization team creates service expectations with a concerted approach to the employees and management.

The justification of expense and time are struggles that employers are associated with when it comes to training and more specifically in a seasonal environment or workplace which has a high staff turnover. Many benefits of training are intangible meaning that they cannot be measured even though return on investment of trading has been termed as evident. For instance, the access to job satisfaction and employee competence are not easily assessed but can improve organization profitability and improve productivity.

There is a need for employees to receive training in customer service to be able to provide a foundation for effective customer service delivery. Training to the customer is important because it provides room for employees to improve their attitudes and skills, make them understand better workplace practices, have better communication skills, increase their confidence, morale, work satisfaction and self-satisfaction. Through training employees will have potential advancement in their career, they will also have a greater interest and disposition to partake in more training and more impartiality.

As employees acquire credential and certification, they can be recognized by their employers, and both will benefit. Employees have a perceptible way of validating mastery of service skills and knowledge, and employers have tools to contribution when it comes to screening for potential employee and recruitment. Employee training starts right from the hiring process and continues throughout the employee tenure.

In Imperial Hotel, staff induction is a critical phase within a continuum of certified learning based on visibly defined performance progress developments, mentoring and preparation structures. In this case, staff induction then becomes a process whereby new employees adapt and learn new organizations norms and expectations so that they can reach the maximum productivity (Boella 2017). The program specifically ensures that the Imperial Hotel employees are supported in their professional practice, be able to sustain the organization culture and build a positive relationship with their colleagues creating a shared responsibility for the realization to all the staff members. This process does not only target new employees it but also those who have received transfers, promotions and the ones returning to work after a long break (Boella 2017). All employees are eligible for staff induction irrespective of their work which can be either temporary, permanent, part-time, contracts or even volunteers.

The first strategy to implement is that this program has to be centralized and vary from department to department in Imperial Hotel depending on the employees and which department they are going to work. From the first day, the organization has to catch up with the enthusiasm and eagerness of the new employees. The first day is imperative because it shapes the employee's attitude to the organization.

Effective induction is organized, timely and give a positive first impression for an organization. This program can inspire the new staff setting out organizations vision and mission and educating them on the companies' culture and values. The new staff is also able to learn the needed technical skills, providing them with the valuable information in the business. A successful staff induction program inspires the new staff lay foundations that create a positive relationship with the team and the wider organization (Boella 2017). This staff induction process is time-consuming and costly since most of the organization expect the new employees to start contributing to the business as soon as possible. For the fast-growing business, this can significantly affect the performance of the business. An effective induction program according to Boella (2017) is that it affects engagement, staff turnover, employer brand, and absenteeism levels. Efficient staff induction programs help the new staff settle into their new roles faster enhancing their contribution to the productivity of the organization. They also feel a sense of belonging ensuring that they can operate at their full potential within the shortest time possible.

The new staff will also have an improved staff determination, commitment and superior guarantee to the organization. This process ensures better customer satisfaction, organizational productivity, and job proficiency and also increases their commitment to have an extended stay in the organization thus reducing the lower staff turnover which in turn reduces the training and recruitment costs. According to Boella (2017), the challenges of improper staff induction program result in poor employee retention. For instance, if the new staff feels confused after the induction process, depending on once personality, she may not ask for help. This can prompt her to make mistakes until she gets it right. This creates a negative impact on the employee's efficiency resulting in poor productivity for the organization.

The Imperial Hotel first recruits staff members with the right qualities and skills for them to improve and maintain efficiency. Imperial Hotel is also aware that staff members are their greatest assets and initiating the right induction process is mandatory to ensure that the employees become active within the shortest time possible. The department of human resource has the obligation of ensuring that they have a well organize recruitment process. The staff qualification has to be carefully a...

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