Free Essay: Statement of Purpose for Applying Software Development

Published: 2023-03-22
Free Essay: Statement of Purpose for Applying Software Development
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The recent advances in technology, characterized by software development and enhanced use of computers, are increasingly becoming an integral part of every person's life in contemporary society. Major global industries, including healthcare, are also relying on software to perform their jobs efficiently (Clarke & O'Connor, 2012). The increased demand for the use of technology to attain business success concurs with my desire to apply and pursue a Master of Software Development at the University of Utah's School of Computing. My desire to pursue this study program is highly influenced by my unique interest in using knowledge of software development to solve real-life problems in various fields of life, including health and education. Using the skills, knowledge, and experience earned in the field of software development will also help me to address various challenges associated with my career while giving me the competitive advantage needed to fit in the global workplace environment effectively (Nguyen, 2016). Therefore, pursuing a master's degree in Software Development at the University of Utah is an ideal devotion to attaining my professional goals.

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Nonetheless, I, initially, graduated with a bachelor's degree in the field of Health Promotion and Education at the University of Utah, where I also anticipate pursuing a Master of Software Development. The first-degree program had a positive impact on my career path by building my competence on how to relate with various health as well as educational stakeholders in improving their status. The health promotion and education program was also crucial in developing my understanding of how to use multiple tools to not only create awareness in the community but also educate the public on the importance of leading a healthy life. However, the practical application of the knowledge gained in this first program will rely effectively on my ability to master various vital concepts in the field of software development (Clarke & O'Connor, 2012). Such ideas will be crucial in helping me to identify, diagnose multiple health issues, and develop sustainable counterstrategies.

Moreover, I pursued basic courses in the field of software development due to having a strong dedication to attaining my long-term career goals. For example, I acquired comprehensive training and knowledge about python and java via the LDS business college in Salt Lake City over the last two years. Such training lays a critical foundation for my ability to not learn and excel in the software development program at your institution (Nguyen, 2016). I was very ardent in my studies due to my unique interest in IT alongside my desire to integrate my career in the field of health promotion and education with software development. Hence, I feel that I must pursue a more challenging course to better my skills and experience in handling clients from all walks of life as opposed to clinging on health promotion and education alone. This reason gives me the intrinsic motivation to build and strengthen my undergraduate education by pursuing a master's degree in software development at your University.

I will use my basic competence in the field of health promotion and education as well as the foundation information in python and java if allowed to join your master's program to enhance my experience in the development of my future career. I also anticipate utilizing my fundamental skills and qualifications to gain more knowledge on how to effectively various issues related to business management throughout my career. Contemporary businesses, including healthcare organizations, rely exclusively rely on technological applications, created through software development, to attain their success (Clarke & O'Connor, 2012). My research on your software development program helped me to understand the quality of education as well as the training that you offer to your students. First, you provide outstanding training in software development training, which allows your students to fit in every field of life.

Secondly, your Master of Software Development plays a vital role in creating new possibilities in areas that may appear to have unbelievable growth, such as health promotion and education. Thirdly, the program engages students in an extensive curriculum that covers everything about software development despite requiring applicants to have no computer science or related degree. Lastly, you employ highly-talented lecturers with unique skills, knowledge, and experience needed in training competent software development experts (The University of Utah, n.d). I will be trained and prepared to face the challenges associated with my field upon graduating from your master's program. The attainment of my career goals will be made possible through your master's program; thus, I will appreciate your decision to consider my application.


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