Essay Sample on Why Should Christians Study Secular Literature Discussion

Published: 2023-02-08
Essay Sample on Why Should Christians Study Secular Literature Discussion
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It is agreeable that secular literature provides rich information that is informative, interactive and enlightening. I agree with the author that limiting secular literature to public school only consequently limit and deters many individuals and students from developing critical thinking and perception of the world. Encouraging new approaches in all learning institutions to promote and facilitate secular education on diverse phenomena such as science, history, family and church significantly helps students to develop a wider sense of accountability and responsibility in the society as they will have a broad worldview that is accommodative and encourage tolerance. Additionally, with the continuous advancement in contemporary society, narrow mindedness only deters and prevent students from transcending beyond the social constriction. Empowering learning on the of Christianity from a secular perspective substantially equip learners with adequate knowledge and skills to survive and understand contemporary development and advancement. Moreover, learning secular literature not only benefit students in learning and becoming knowledgeable during the school time but also influences the career choices and decision making which is a vital aspect of different professions irrespective if its nature. Studying secular literature provides Christians with relevant knowledge to understand their environment and help in facilitating the good news. The authors reasoning is critically valid and substantial as it avails the diverse nature of secular literature in exposing the vulnerability of different culture that Christianity could exploit to penetrate even in the most interior positions. As the author ascertains in the discussion, it is agreeable that engaging in the secular literature in colleges helps students in their holistic encounters as Christians and should be encouraged in all learning institutions whether, high schools, colleges or universities.

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Response to the Study of Secular Literature

The author critically evaluates and assess the diverse advantages and merits of engaging in the study of secular literature. Through the provision of new positive insights on different phenomena through critical is actively important in proper understanding of biblical concepts. The author also ascertains that unlike televisions which might be entertaining, secular literature informs critical knowledge that helps in developing individuals' worldview and belief system. Despite sometimes being boring and complex, the study of secular literature helps in improving the theological skills of Christian students by covering unique concepts and encouraging critical and creative thinking in addressing the socio-cultural, economic, religious and theological problems and challenges. Further, it is true and logical argument that secular literature exposes students and helps them understand the surrounding environment and society. Rather than encouraging limited and narrow perception, secular literature helps in deconstructing diverse mythological concepts and enables students to transcend beyond challenges by exposing different interests and individuals' motives which people may poses. Moreover, the author also presents a valid notion that secular literature helps in improving students understanding of the scripture as it enables learners to consequently apply the theological concepts in contemporary society. Utilising the scripture messages and applying them in solving the modern challenges is critical as it makes the scriptures relevant and theological teaching vital in promoting human development and advancements. Finally, it is agreeable that the study of secular literature strengthens theological knowledge and skills of students as it encourages critical and creative thinking among learners when evaluating and assessing theological concepts. Therefore, rather than discriminating secular literature, students, tutors and educational elites must promote secular literature to enable learners develop a broad worldview devoid of narrow mindedness.

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