The Day I Bought My First House, Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2022-05-05
The Day I Bought My First House, Personal Experience Essay Sample
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Owning a house is one of the most beautiful dreams that are embodied by every American. I thank my dad's influence in helping me decide in favor of owning a house. Primarily, I consider owning a home as the most critical stage in life that defines one's prospects. I have always looked up to the point in life where I get to buy a house and leave out the stress of getting late on rent or feeling worried about eviction.

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My inspiration to buy my first house was from one of my close friends. I played a prominent role in helping him find an apartment. The experience opened my perception of owning a home, having the guidance of a young agent who was helpful through the process. The agent offered some insightful advice on house hunting, which I would later use while acquiring mine. For my friend, we managed to land a lucrative deal of a six-room house, with a small backyard. The happiness my friend expressed was one of the factors that led me to consider owning a home in the subsequent two years, in time for my 24th birthday.

Here is my inspirational conversation with my friend that encouraged me to buy my first house.

Friend: Have you ever thought of having your house?

Me: No

Friend: You should have that plan in your mind

Me: How do I manage to have a house?

Friend: We will have an in-depth conversation, and I will explain why it is essential to you soon

After two years of saving and stabilizing my financial position, I decided to start house hunting. My first consideration was looking for a house in NY City, considering the prospects of changing jobs and more experience in the big city's life. I knew getting a house in these areas would be stressful, but there is nothing that a determined mind cannot achieve. I started the expedition in the online forums, where I analyzed houses while booking appointments to view the apartments. The process was frustrating because most homes I booked appointments were not appealing as they were presented. Also, the prices were not accommodated in my budget. I used the online process for a week before considering a change of tact in hunting for a house, given I had not received much help. However, money constraints were the most significant factor that hindered me from acquiring some homes on online display.

I had then decided to try out an agent's help in acquiring a good home. Although I knew that an agent would only make the exercise more expensive, I was hopeful of a good deal, having seen how useful they can be. In the change of tact, I utilized the assistance of Lydia, a free agent, and one that I met through social media adverts. The good thing about working with agents in house hunting is that they always have ready options. In my case, this was no different. Moreso, Lydia had established connections with mortgage companies through which she found lucrative deals. The only problem in that situation was that my agent seemed to deal with big houses, which were most expensive. Lydia, however, was keen on helping to find a standard home regarding size, and also one that could fit my financial ability. By the end of the second week, no formidable results were seen. At this time, I had begun thinking I was never going to get a house in NY City.

The third week started off with luck. One of Lydia's client was moving, and the house fitted my description. In this respect, the apartment was spacious with nine rooms, a little too much from what I expected. Upon inspection of the house, I decided though big, I was going to land that deal. Ideally, this was primarily with prospects of the house being a good investment which may at some point perhaps make good returns. Also, I was growing tired of the exercise while my contract would begin soon. I decided to close the deal, paying 60 percent cash while exploring financial assistance through a mortgage plan. With payments cleared, the house was going to get renovated, so I had to wait for a week before officially entering the house. Honestly, this was one of the best feelings I can ever recall having experienced.

After a week of waiting, my house was ready. I had informed my friends and the first day in the house had suggested a warming party which I gladly accepted. The first day included moving my things from my old rental place. Even after running my items, the house felt empty. The most prominent task ahead was filling the house up. Nonetheless, that did not overpower the pride I was feeling at that moment. For sure, owning a home is the real American dream.

The house hunting struggle got me thinking of formulating a system which would ease the process to be more effective. I considered using my tech knowledge to implement the system, especially after noting how lucrative the real estate business is. I later sold the house after three years at an interest, which further influenced me to invest in real estate business.

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